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'Mythbusters' and the Instant Frozen Beer Myth Show

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Mythbusters" is a great show. They take different myths and put them to the test. On the November 10, 2010 episode, one of the myths they looked at was the Frozen Beer Myth. It basically states that if you put a beer in the freezer, you can pull it out hours later, hit the bottom of it, and the beer will magically turn to ice before your eyes. This one was tested by Grant, Tory, and Kari.

I thought no way are they going to get this one to work. They put four beers in the freezer for different amounts of time. The first three they took out of the freezer, hit the bottom, and nothing happened at all. By this point, I was sure it was not going to work.

The mythbusters took the last beer out of the freezer. It had been in there for three hours. They took this beer and hit the bottom. The beer slowly turned to ice! You could see it changing all the way through the bottle. It was magical and actually beautiful to watch occur.

We thought this was amazing and that we needed to try it for ourselves. We put two beers in the freezer. My husband went about his day and five hours later we took them out of the freezer. They were frozen all the way already! We did not even get a chance to try and hit them. I guess this proves that you can't leave beer in the freezer too long either. I might just have to try this one again. I think it would be a great party trick if I could figure out exactly how to make it work.

This was seen on a November episode of "Mythbusters" in 2010 but it airs on repeats all the time. You can try it out yourself to see what happens with it.