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MysticBlu releases "I Am" album

Today MysticBlu releases the long awaited “I Am” album. The 21 track effort displays a range from soulful ballads to in your face hip-hop driven tracks.

Local Phoenix Artist star in MysticBlu's "I Am" video. The video already has 105k views, and touches on the sensitive issue of domestic violence.
Local Phoenix Artist star in MysticBlu's "I Am" video. The video already has 105k views, and touches on the sensitive issue of domestic violence.
Negro Tarantino
available at
Ladie Purm of

The buzz around the release started when she released the title track video “I Am.” The video featured local artists and was directed by Negro Tarantino. As of today the video has already received over 105,000 views. As the title suggests the video was a reflection of gaining your power back and choosing what you want your life to be. The song addresses the rising domestic violence issue and was written as a woman’s anthem.

While attending Howard University she fell in love with jazz music and the influences can be heard throughout her work. As well as her favorite genres reggae, soul and hip-hop. Her vocal range and her soulful delivery make the album a great listen. She sings, she raps, and she speaks in tones that demand attention. The variety of production on the album gives a new appreciation to an all-around talented young lady. Upon listening she comes off as a new age Meshell Ndegeocello.

"I've always been passionate just about waking people up and getting people riled up, and getting people to think and to challenge people. I'm a little quiet, but my inner being is just like a lion... On the album I just wanted to reveal that side of me and not be afraid to do it,” she says of calling herself a militant spirit.

MysticBlu tried her hat in producing on her latest effort. “Beautiful Surprise” which was originally a guitar driven record, but one day she says she was “clowning around” and actually created the album version. This was her favorite as she didn't know she had it in her. The track is just that a beautiful surprise.

Singing since the age of three, and writing poetry by the age of nine, MysticBlu has self-taught herself to play drums, piano, and the guitar. She got to show off her skills on the album’s reggae track “Right On” which was produced by her. She played all the instruments on the track and did the vocal layout. “Everything you here I played out,” she says of the track.

“So Amazing,” produced by Lakai and “Ecstasy” show the artist’s sensual side. “Fill Me Up” might have listeners crossing their legs as she moans her breathy desires.

“The ‘So Amazing’ song was more like dreaming what it would be like to love someone. What I wanted to experience… I wrote that more in a dream state than an actual state,” she reveals.

She will be breaking out the box for her next video “You Don’t Want To See Me.” On this track she displays her hip-hop influence. Negro Tarantino will be directing this video and she’s already planning to create something abstract and different from the more homely feel of the “I Am” video.

The album has production by her, DN3, and Lakai. DN3 mastered the entire album and mixed along with Nythee. Her album cover was done by Ladie Purm. Of DN3 she says, “He saved me… He reached out to me and said I’m going to help you… he was consistent, there and didn’t disappear. I’m so thankful for him.”

MysticBlu has two performances this Saturday. She will be performing an acoustic set at Taco Guild located at 546 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012 from 8-11 p.m. After that she will be performing at Blaine Coffee’s State of The Artz' birthday celebration for Gee at the C.A.S.A. SunBá located at 15 E 6th St, Tempe, AZ 85281. The free show will go until 2 a.m. and will feature some of the valley’s best artists.

Next Saturday, July 18, she will be performing her “I Am” at Real Talk with Louanna’s Getting Real with Domestic Violence event from 6-9 p.m. The event will be at Kays Lamar Boutique located at 2025 W Broadway Rd Mesa, AZ 85202.

Every once in a while a breath of fresh air comes to the music world giving us a break from the main stream. This gem of an album will be sure to awake any jaded music fan. No matter what your musical tastes is MysticBlu’s “I Am” won’t disappoint.

Click here to listen to MysticBlu’s interview in full.

The album is available for purchase on her website for $10 as well as her Band Camp page where you may take a listen. You may also visit the site to learn more about her and get booking information.

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