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Mystery, romance, deception, murder, and suspense all lead to A Change of Heart

 Michael R. Daciek
Michael R. Daciek

Local Denver author, Michael R. Daciek, puts his protagonist in a unique and “heartfelt” situation.

A Change Of Heart by Michael R. Daciek
Michael R. Daciek

A Change of Heart: At age thirty-four, Amelia Savage, America’s sweetheart Olympic and triathlon champion, suddenly becomes ill. Her cardiologist reveals that she needs a heart transplant caused by a toxic chemical in her blood stream. It’s traced to her husband, John Hart, and she is damn angry. With less than three months to live she discovers John would be a suitable donor. As revenge, she plots to kill him for his heart and the clock is ticking.

Daciek said, “In 1990, approaching retirement after over forty years of flying, military and commercial, I turned to my second love, writing. While in Basic Flying Training on my solo flight I had a fuel leak and had to shut the right engine down. Faced with multiple problems I managed to land safely. This is the story I wrote and entered in an aviation short story contest, The National Writer’s Contest. My story won third place and launched my writing career. I became a freelance writer for aviation magazines. Now I get a big kick out of going to the elementary schools, at no charge, dressed in my uniform and talking to the kids about reading, writing, and flying.

Daciek has also written three children’s books. Our First Flight is written to allay fear of flying for unaccompanied children, Laughing Through the Alphabet is a joke book with illustrations drawn by his nine year old grandson, and Kailouie and the Snorkel Monster is a Hawaiian underwater sea adventure.

When asked what he is working on now, Daciek responded, “West Virginia, 1910-1945
My father came to the United States in 1910 and worked as a coal miner in southern West Virginia, including Bloody Mingo County, Hatfield-McCoy country, during a very tumultuous time period, 1920 through 1935. During the fifteen year war thousands of miners were killed by the coal company owners and by the U. S. Army in trying to stop unionization. My mother and father raised five children during that struggle and I’m writing the history through my older sibling’s eyes. My dad was shot which eventually led to our leaving West (By God!) Virginia in 1945, FOR EVER! Next: A sequel to A Change of Heart.”

His advice for new authors is, “Read and write! Join a writer’s critique group and attend writer’s conferences. My favorite authors are Nelson DeMille, David Baldacci, Robert Ludlum, and John Grisham. My reviews indicate I learned quite a bit from reading their books.”

If you’re interest in reading some of Daciek’s aviation stories and miscellaneous short stories go to:

A Change of Heart can be found at:

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Here are some reviews submitted by the author:


A real spellbinder novel I couldn’t put down. The characters were so well fleshed out that you feel you know each and every one. A wonderfully entwined story of love, deception, and murder! What more can a mystery offer.
Rebecca White, Highlands Ranch, CO

A Change of Heart is a wonderful blend of Sparks, Patterson and Grisham. Romance without mush, drama and suspense that make it hard to put down and realistic court room drama that put you on an emotional rollercoaster. A must read! You won’t be disappointed.
Timothy Cook, Centennial, CO

Daciek has proven himself to be a masterful wordsmith. With his background as a pilot, both military and civilian aviation, he has the knowledge and experience to weave technical reality into this wonderful novel of mystery, ruse and deception. A Change of Heart is dripping with intrigue, each chapter tugging the reader to the next chapter making you beg for more.
Billy Walker, Phoenix, AZ

The author does a wonderful job of leading the reader through a story of love, romance, adventure and mistrust while tying in the dilemma of how to ethically resolve a morally challenging set of circumstances. A good read that keeps the pages turning.
Kevin J. Herrmmann, Austin, TX

If writers always write about ‘what they know’, then Mike Daciek knows a great deal about love, life, human nature and all the other basic elements of a good novel, including a colorful tapestry of murder, deception, trickery and mayhem.
Phyllis R. Moses, Georgetown, TX

Aviation Author and Historian

Wow. Just when you think you figured out the plot, Mike twists it again. Great insight into a family’s reaction to betrayal…and how the choices we make can trip us up. Strap on your seatbelts, it’s a fun ride. I can’t wait for the sequel!
Roxanne Harrington, Highlands Ranch, CO

Mike’s outstanding insight into the human psyche plays a major role as his characters dive into the depths of desperation and then gracefully recover the true human spirit. It’s an outstanding piece of literature, full of crazy people, intrigue, some surprises.
William M. Greener, Lakewood, CO

The plot was well conceived and the story line flowed nicely. This book will be enjoyed by both men and women.
George Bilotta, Phoenix, AZ


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    Good advice for writers. Thanks for sharing about this book!

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