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Mystery of Doors' Jim Morrison death finally solved by Marianne Faithfull?

Jim Morrison...lead singer of legendary band the Doors.
Jalin Casey

Singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull said she knows who was responsible for the death of Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison back in 1971, according to a recent article in People Magazine. Officially, Morrison was found dead alone in his Paris apartment at the age of 27. Adding to the mystery is the fact no autopsy was ever performed.

But now Faithfull claims in an interview with Mojo Magazine a friend of hers who provided the rock superstar with incredibly powerful heroin was responsible for the death of Morrison. As the front man for the Doors, Morrison made songs such as " Light My Fire" into hits which rose high on the charts.

Faithfull said that at the time of the Lizard King's mysterious death, she had no idea her friend was involved in the singer's untimely demise. Morrison's grave is in a Paris cemetery and is a favorite stop of tourists even today.

She claimed Jean De Bretuil, her boyfriend at the time, supplied the rock icon with a supply of heroin which was too "strong" and led to the shocking death of the man who was the face of the Doors, one of the top rock groups of the 1960s and 70s. She further said Jean De Bretuil died himself of a drug overdose in Morocco later that same year.

Pamela Courson, Morrison's girlfriend, found him slumped dead in his Paris flat. She would succumb to death three years later at age 27, also from a heroin overdose in her apartment.

Faithfull, 67, was a contemporary of Morrison's, and a former girlfriend of the Stones' Mick Jagger. She said she was the only survivor among the group of people surrounding Morrison at the time of his tragic death.

She also said De Bretuil told her as he left their hotel room he was going to visit Morrison. She believes it was then that he supplied the singer with the drug of death. Faithfull said she didn't believe it was intentional, but she thinks her boyfriend was the person who caused the icon's death with an overly strong combination of heroin. She also explained that DeBretuil and she left for Morocco shortly after Morrison's body was discovered on July 3 by Pamela.

However, the circumstances of the death of Morrison have been disputed so vehemently that it remains perhaps the most mysterious death in the world of rock. A London Daily Mail article published in March of 2010 contradicted the official version that he was found dead in his bathtub by Courson. This article presented the theory that he actually died in the bathroom of a Paris nightclub and his body was moved to his flat for reasons known only to the participants in the alleged coverup. Faithfull was supposedly sworn to secrecy, according to the Daily Mail article.

Other puzzling facts are that his doctor in the United States examined him before he left for France and proclaimed him in excellent health. Also in contradiction to the official version, is that Morrison had a strong aversion to heroin. Another question raised is why were only the EMTs and the doctor who declared him dead allowed to see the body of Morrison before he was buried in Paris?

None of the other members of the Doors were allowed to see their leader's body. With no autopsy done, there will probably always be lingering questions as to what happened during the final moments of the rock legend's life. Maybe they need to call in Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary of TNT's Cold Justice to solve perhaps the biggest cold case of rock.

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