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Mystery Monday: 'The Kennel Murder Case' (1933)

Poster of 'The Kennel Murder Case'

This Monday's pick for Mystery Monday is the 1933 detective film, "The Kennel Murder Case."

'The Kennel Murder Case" starred William Powell as detective Philo Vance. Mary Astor, Ralph Morgan, Frank Conroy, and Helen Vinson also starred with Powell in this Vance thriller. It was writer S.S. Van Pine (Pen name of Willard Huntington Wright) who created these mysteries. Fun to note that the book with the same name of the movie was published in 1933! Powell before this film, was in other Philo Vance movies.

It was Michael Curtiz who directed "The Kennel Murder Case." If that name sounds a hint familiar, he was the one who directed such movies as "Casablanca" "Mildred Pierce," 'Angels with Dirty Faces," "The Adventures of Robin Hood," those are just a few popular classics Curtiz directed.

So if you like Powell in the "Thin Man" series or other movies, you'll probably find this mystery flick fun and charming. It currently holds a 6.9 on IMDb. In the film Vance is searching for the killer of a collector, who was found dead in a locked room.

You can watch "The Kennel Murder Case" online for free because of the Youtube Channel, Old Mystery Movies. So if you like a good mystery and classic actor Wiliam Powell then check out the movie.

Don't forget to come back next Monday to see which other classic mystery is picked!

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