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Mystery Monday: 'The Glass Key' (1942)

This is a poster for "The Glass Key."
Imp Awards/Paramount Pictures

Paul Madvig: I'm going to society. He's practically given me the key to his house.

Ed Beaumont: Yeah, a glass key. Be sure it doesn't break in your hand.

Mondays aren't everyone's favorite day of the week, but Mystery Mondays should change that. What is Mystery Monday? Every Monday I pick a classic mystery to feature. Call it a guide on what o watch every Monday night. So this Monday's pick is "The Glass Key."

"The Glass Key" was directed by Stuart Heisler, and it's one of my personal favorite films. Based on Dashiell Hammett's book, this noir and political corruption flick starred Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Brian Donlevy, and William Bendix. Basically crooked politician Paul (Donlevy) tries to play it straight for his re-election, but the candidate he's backing for has a family tragedy that happens, his son is murdered and the blame is all on Paul. Well Paul's right-hand man Ned (Alan Ladd) decides to help his friend, and clear his name. First he must find out who really killed Taylor, and stop the local gangster trying to ruin his boss. Veronica Lake fits in there has the sister of victim, and daughter of the candidate. Donlevy's character falls in love with her, but she's really into Alan Ladd. She's cunning and sultry!

Don't want to forget about William Bendix, who played the thorn in Ladd's side. He liked to push him around! Bendix played the perfect tough guy hoodlum role. This gritty film is perfect for tonight!

So "The Glass Key" is the first pick for Mystery Monday, which is the perfect way to start. Come back next Monday to see which other classic mystery film will be picked.

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