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Mystery Monday: 'Rear Window' (1954)

This week's Mystery Monday pick is Alfred Hitcock's film, "Rear Window." This 1954 film is based off of Cornell Woolrich's 1942 short story, "It Had to Be Murder." The thriller starred James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Raymund Burr.

In the film Jimmy Stewart plays a man named Jeff, that lives in an apartment house where all the neighbors have secrets, but there is one neighbor in particular that has a deep dark secret that could involve murder. See he picks his leg, so he has a lot of time to watch his neighbors (kind of weird if you ask me), there he learns more about them, even a little too much! With the help of Lisa (Grace Kelly), they try to find out more about Mr. Thorwald and if he's a murderer or not.

This murder mystery is full of tension, first time watchers will be biting their fingertips off. Hitchcock is the master of suspense and "Rear Window" is the perfect example. We don't just get to learn about Thorwald in the apartment complex, but there are others, like the character Miss Lonelyheart. Jeff spies on her, he learns more about her existence. She's a sad character, that is always looking for Mr. Right, who seems to be always Mr. Wrong. It's interesting because Hitchcock gives a lot of dimension to the whole apartment building.

So today watch Hitchcock's urban thriller, "Rear Window," it's this week's pick for "Mystery Monday."

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