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Mystery Millionaire: Wealthy Greg wins girl without bling and bottle service

Gret Pitt, bodybuilder and fitness mogul on "Mystery Millionaire"
Gret Pitt, bodybuilder and fitness mogul on "Mystery Millionaire"
WEtv, used with permission

Last night Mystery Millionaire presented us with the story of Greg, a rich, handsome and chiseled 35 year-old with a home in Malibu and seven-figures in assets. He has difficulty finding a steady girlfriend who he can respect and trust. How can that be?

The episode titled "Fitness Mogul Strips Down" is the second in the premiere season of Mystery Millionaire. Greg has a career as a body builder, model and fitness business guru. With his physique and great looks he can "get" whoever he wants, except what he wants is someone who values him over his possessions.

"I've been in a lot of relationships....even been engaged at one point. Money has definitely caused problems. It starts off great, and then I find out they're just milking me. It's always about credit cards or rent payments. I find out I'm being taken advantage of."

The reality show sets him up with a low budget apartment, used car, minimal wardrobe and a career that limits his potential earnings.

Mystery Millionaire relies on that old trope that women are gold diggers, and the voice-over in the program uses that precise term. What it goes on to do is have the millionaire of the week fool women into believing he is someone he isn't, hooking them into caring only to spring the big news that he's rich, but looking for true love. A guy could get hurt if he did that to the wrong woman.

The format of the show has the millionaire go on three blind dates and choose one lady that he prefers over the others. Check out two video clips of him on these dates trying to seem ordinary.

A whirlwind romance begins during which his humble circumstances limit the dating activities. Once the connection occurs he is forced to tell the truth. While Greg's journey netted him someone who was able to get past being tested, and in truth pranked, he convinced his lady and ultimately the audience that he was a great and simple guy inside the body of an Adonis with a huge bank account.

His awkwardness during the big reveal seemed genuine as he thought his gal Whitney was ready to run off in a huff. He won her over as well as this viewer. The couple stood at the ocean's edge near his beachfront home.

"I'm really nervous right now. You don't have the whole picture of me. In actuality I'm not a landscaper. The only two lawns I cut are my own. I've got two places and I cut the front and back in one and just the front of the other one, 'cause you're standing on the back of the other one --- the house behind me, and I'm a millionaire."

Whitney bristled and asked why he lied the entire time. Greg used the word "test" and Whitney almost walked. He quickly recovered.

"I'm sorry, I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying to protect myself. Throughout my life I've been judged for what I have, not who I am. I wanted to see if you had any interest in me for who I am. Being burned, I thought his would help. I'll make you one promise. It won't happen again."

A follow up report during the credit roll revealed they were still happily dating two months after taping the finale of the show. Does that make it alright? You be the judge. There will be more episodes of Mystery Millionaire, Friday nights on WEtv beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT

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