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Mystery light on Mars photo spawns intrigue: Rover snaps picture in new area

A light on Mars in the distance has the world's attention after the Curiosity Rover sent back the image from Mars.
A light on Mars in the distance has the world's attention after the Curiosity Rover sent back the image from Mars.

A mystery light on Mars has the nation’s attention today as the Mars Rover captured an image in the far off distance that has sparked major intrigue. It is not known if this bright light is a reflection of some kind or an actual source of light created by intelligent life, but it certainly has excited the UFO enthusiasts, according to People Magazine on April 8.

On “Fox and Friends” live Wednesday morning, two side by side photos of the same Mars landscape were shown. The light appears in one of those pictures, but not in another. This spawns theories suggesting the light is shut on and off, the light is a reflection, or a missing pixel from the image is creating what looks like a light.

People Magazine reports that experts suspect a pixel problem, but others are holding on to the possibility that there is life on Mars and they have some type of light source. The editor of UFO Sightings Daily suggests that there is intelligent life below the surface of Mars and they use light as the people on Earth do.

This picture was snapped on April 3 in a new area being probed on the planet. It was the rover’s right hand navigation camera that captured the image. The area named Kimberley was also captured by the left hand navigational camera and the light was not picked up in that photo.

This would indicate a missing pixel, according to the experts. The same two shots were duplicated the day before with both the left and right cameras rendering the same results. Why didn’t this light show up in other pictures taken by the right navigational camera if it was a problem that repeated itself twice and both times in the same location?

As the Mars Rover roams the surface of the planet, there’s no telling what they will find. NASA’s imaging expert added his theory of the light into the mix. He believes “a cosmic ray hit affected Curiosity,” which is the name of the Mars rover. This is simple explanation and probably what really did happen, but it is not as exciting as the possibility of life below the surface!