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Mystery illness leaves 4-year-old boy unable to blink

Corban Durant

A fundraising web page for a little boy is gaining much needed attention Monday, after people heard about 4-year-old Corrban Durant's mysterious illness.

The Oregon boy us unable to blink and doctors don't know why. This is just one of many mysterious problems that have brought his family to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Durant has a heart defect, liver-lung disorder as well as, neuropathy in his legs.

According to ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle, Durant had 86 doctors’ appointments in the first 10 months of his life but doctors are not able to find the cause his health problems.

His family hopes the fundraising page will help them get the $200,000 they need to go to the Mayo Clinic. The hospital also requires a $9,622 down payment for his initial consultation.

"We're really hoping for a diagnosis, an overall diagnosis of his condition, so that we are able to care for him the best that we can and help prolong his life and make it full," his mother, Natasha Durant, told KOMO-TV.

On Monday, the web site read, "Thank you everyone for your support...Thank you everyone for your support for Corban. Please share his facebook page as well, You are all amazing, and helping our family is so very kind. We all love you for your support!"

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