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Mystery illness hits over 600 students and staff at Texas high school

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A mystery illness had over 600 students and staff sick, most of them spent the weekend with a stomach bug that hits hard. The health department is trying to find the source of this stomach illness that has hit just Richardson High School in North Texas, according to NBC News on Feb. 3.

Both staff and students have fallen ill to this fast-spreading bug. They do not believe it is a food related bug from the cafeteria, but they don't know where it has come from. The kids that did show up for school today came with the ammunition of their own hand sanitizers.

This started last Monday when 203 students and 12 school employees stayed home sick. That number quickly escalated. By Thursday 349 students and 22 staff members were out. Friday was the day that wiped out 25% of the school with 675 kids and 28 staff staying home. Today's stats will not be available until Tuesday.

One senior said that on Friday the school was like a ghost town. About 2,500 students attend Richardson High School. This bug causes vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and weakness. When one father came to pick up his son at the nurse's office because he was sick and needed to go home, he was shocked by the nurses office, which was "over run with hundreds of sick students."

With that many sick people, you would think that they would want to close the school down and at least air it out or do a thorough sanitizing overhaul. So far they've not announced anything along these lines.