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'Mystery Girls' season finale on ABC Family: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Tori and Jennie
Tori and Jennie
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

It is time for the season one finale of "Mystery Girls." This comedy show stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling as over the top private investigators who used to air star on a show together. On Wednesday, TV Line shared about this finale and also if this show has been renewed or canceled.

On the finale, their assistant Nick will be scared because a mobster sees him on the commercials and tracks him down. He will fear for his life. Charlie's husband also wants her to consider a new career. It looks like he liked the times when she was just a housewife and was around all the time.

So far "Mystery Girls" has not been renewed or canceled. TV Series Finale shared about the ratings of the first season of the show. The show has not had over 1 million viewers the entire season. It looks like fans are watching "Young & Hungry" but not watching "Mystery Girls." The ratings have dropped drastically each week and they didn't even reach half of a million most weeks.

Tori Spelling shared on her reality show "True Tori" how excited she was about this show. It is obvious that she is passionate about it, but it just might not be enough to keep the show around. It is just a little over the top for some fans.

It will be pretty surprising if "Mystery Girls" is picked up for season two. If you want this show back, fans will need to help it have higher ratings for the finale and get the word out. So far it is not renewed or canceled.