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Mystery dog found, desperate search is on for owner before time runs out

Un-named dog in Arizona facility
Un-named dog in Arizona facility
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Update 8/6/14: The dog who was microchipped to ThumpingTails has been rescued from the shelter in Arizona. Victoria is safe with the rescue who originally had her. It is unknown why Avid has ThumpingTails as the contact but the rescuer there recognized her immediately and went to get her.

She is happy and chubby and seems well cared for and has glittery nail polish and the owner has been contacted.

A Los Angeles, Calif., based rescue group is reaching out for help for a dog who was recently found wandering as a stray in Flagstaff, Ariz.

The dog, whose name is unknown, was wearing a thin, metal choke chain that did not have an identification tag, but a microchip was found. The chip is registered to Thumping Tails Animal Rescue, but the Los Angeles area group does not remember the dog and has no record of her.

The rescue agency wrote:

The only info Avid has is that she was chipped in 2010. We'd never not fully register a day with name, breed, back-up contacts. We have searched our records for 2 days, gone through all computerized data bases and looked at the pictures the shelter finally sent late today. We don't recognize her.

However, the rescue organization offered insight as to what may have happened with the chip:

In 2010, when this dog was microchipped, Thumping Tails had bought microchips in bulk and were sharing with lots of other rescues and rescuers.

Everyone was helping with dogs who were being networked by multiple groups. We were generous with our chips, thinking it was for the safety of the dog, with the understanding that the person handling the dog would then transfer the information to themselves.

The dog in Arizona is believed to be about five years of age. She is described as a labrador/pit bull mix who is "super friendly" with people and other dogs.

The California rescue agency is concerned for the dog's safety - they wrote:

The poor dog has been in Flagstaff, Arizona for 2 days and the shelter staff isn't super helpful with us. In her pictures she looks defeated and scared. I am praying that you will all spread the word amongst anyone you know who may have gotten a microchip from ThumpingTails and can figure out who this poor dog is. Right now she's just another pit mix in another state and I have no contact at this shelter who can tell me anything.

Someone out there knows who this dog is - the key is to get this photo and information to them as quickly as possible. Thumping Tails has never adopted a dog to anyone in Arizona...but other agencies surely have.

Pertinent information for this dog:

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