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'Mystery Diners' helps out Speisekammer in Alameda, Calif.

Mystery Diners helped Speisekammer
Mystery Diners helped Speisekammer
Speisekammer Facebook Page

Last night's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Oktobertheft,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Speisekammer, a German bar and restaurant in Oakland, Calif.

Charles heard from Cindy Kahl and her co-owner, chef and ex-husband Peter. Charles came to meet him with Hollie. The problem is that Peter hired Dirndl Girls to work in the restaurant during Oktoberfest, to add energy to the restaurant. Cindy heard from staff that the girls are acting inappropriately by drinking on the job, soliciting tips, challenging customers to drinking contests, and being unruly and trashy. Peter thinks that Cindy is being unfair and is looking for any excuse to fire them, primarily because it was he who hired them.

The focus will be on Danielle, Angela and Shayna; the Dirndl Girls. Hollie will be coming in as a new Dirndl Girl in training and, with prior experience during college, she knows the proper etiquette. Nate will pose as a customer.

In the control room, Cindy was excited, but Peter was still questioning why they were there. So Hollie asked the other Dirndl Girls about Peter and Cindy, they seemed to love Peter, but did not have good words to say about Cindy. In no time, the girls were doing shots and going behind the bar. When the bartender told them not to go back there, they told him that Peter said it was alright. As the evening proceeded, the woman walked around with trays of shots they sold for $3. The money did not go in the register, and they told Hollie to keep the money. Danielle was the voice of reason among the women, but Shayna and Angela had other ideas.

Tim, a waiter who arrived late for work, asked Peter if he could leave early, but Peter told him no. Later, he called Cindy to ask her if he could leave early, because Peter said it was fine. Cindy, knowing the deal, denied him his request.

When Hollie was shadowing Shayna, she distracted her and stole a tip from a server. Later, when a beer contest, where men have to hold a liter of beer in a heavy glass, straight out, Nate should have won, but the contest was rigged and another person, chosen by the Dirndl Girls won.

Finally, after seeing enough, the Dirndl Girls, Shayna and Angela were brought back to the control room and promptly fired, after returning the stolen tip money. They claimed that Peter told them to party, and now they got fired for doing their job.

Charles reminded the couple to become a united front, this way their staff will not play one against the other, and Tim was reprimanded for his actions.

Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," Oktoberfest would have a tarnished reputation at Speisekammer.

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