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'Mystery Diners' helps out Rocco’s Cafe in San Francisco, Calif.

Chef/Owner Don Dial of Rocco's Cafe appeared on Mystery Diners
Chef/Owner Don Dial of Rocco's Cafe appeared on Mystery Diners
Rocco's Facebook Page

Last night's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Money on the Side,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Rocco’s Café in San Francisco, Calif.

Charles heard from Don Dial, chef and owner of Rocco’s named after his grandfather. After 23-years, he finally hired a manager, so he could have more time with his family, but the word on the street, is his new manager Erik cannot be trusted, and is running unauthorized promotions behind his back. So Charles and Brianna met with Don and promised to get to the bottom of his concerns. So Brianna will come in as a waitress in training and the crew will install cameras and microphones. Nate will also pose as a customer.

As Brianna started her shift, Erik introduced him to Angela, who will train her. When busboy Christophe stood outside the restaurant smoking, Erik was spotted going out too. Expecting to see him reprimand the guy, he joined him in a smoke as people walked in the restaurant passing by them.

Christophe was spotted in the kitchen cutting the ends off large loaves of bread and stuffing the ends in his pockets, then he was seen eating too. When Angela saw this, she told him he was not supposed to be eating, but he shook off her warning.

The restaurant has a large photo gallery of diners, mostly famous, and it is Don’s decision whose pictures go on the wall. Erik was spotted asking customers if they wanted their photos on the wall. Next, Nate came in with his girl and posed as a difficult customer. When he wanted to change his order, Erik told him there is a $5 charge to change an order.

Then Erik announced that Jamie Foxx was in the restaurant and moved people from “his exclusive seat.” Don was incensed, and would not give even the mayor of San Francisco exclusive seating. Erik then went around asking customers if they would like an autograph or their picture with Jamie Foxx, for a fee. As they looked closely, they saw that it was not Jamie Foxx, and it was a scam.

In the kitchen, Brianna went to flirt with Christophe, who was spotted on his cell phone speaking perfect English. Don was led to believe that he did not know a word of English and when Christophe admitted to Brianna that he spoke English, he made her promise not to tell.

When Erik came in the restaurant with a box, he was selling tee shirts from Rocco’s. Don did not sell these, and never did. Erik is nothing but a scam artist. Don went to get Erik and Christophe. Don fired Christophe immediately, then as Erik tried to justify his actions, was also fired.

Four months later, Angela was promoted to assistant manager, and the restaurant is now running well with trusted employees.

Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," Don would have not known how much scamming was going on in his restaurant.

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