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'Mystery Diners' helps out Looney’s BBQ in San Leandro, Calif.

Mystery Diners helped Looney's BBQ, San Leandro, Calif
Mystery Diners helped Looney's BBQ, San Leandro, Calif
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Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Fired Up" where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Looney’s BBQ in San Leandro, Calif.

Charles heard from Ken Looney, who believes his customers are being tricked by his staff. At Looney’s they make Southern BBQ of all types, and customers just love their delicious menu with all the different sauces. Their sauces go from mildest to the hottest called, Devil’s XXX, made with ghost peppers, the hottest peppers in the world. Ken has heard that customers have been getting this sauce without asking for it. For those who do not like spicy food, it can be very painful to those who do not expect it. Ken is also afraid of lawsuits, for those who cannot tolerate this hot sauce.

Charles and Brianna came to visit with Ken. Charles loves hot sauces and tried the Devil’s XXX. He admitted that it was very hot, as his face turned red. Ken is fearful that his customers may be injured by the pranksters. His prime suspects are Matt and Ellory, both waiters who do not take their job seriously. Charles explained how they would set up the cameras and Brianna and Kiel will go in as a difficult customers to see if they get pranked, and William will go undercover as a waiter in training. Mark, the manager was assigned to train William, who told him he must taste the food to familiarize himself with it so he could give the customers his impression. As he was tasting, the two pranksters were watching as Mark gave him the XXX sauce, as he believed it was mild. Mark was behind the XXX pranking, and even announced to William about a weekly contest where the winner gets a beer, and the loser has to do the XXX. Matt won, and Ellory lost this time.

William asked Matt if they ever pranked the customers, and he said if they were a pain in the ass, they would. As a man took a sauce from a table, the top came off and went all over his food as the guys got a huge kick out of it. Mark handled it properly, giving the man a free dessert. William asked Mark if it was alright to mess with the customers the same way? Mark said if they deserve it, why not? But then he said he was kidding, and would never mess with the customers.

When Brianna came in and challenged Ellory, he told her to drink a small cup of the sauce, just like he had to do. Ken knows, when they give a sample of the XXX, it is put on a toothpick, not a cup. Then he reneged and just gave her a toothpick to try.

When Kiel came in and gave Matt a hard time, he found a way to get even, by adding the XXX to his take-out order, that was supposed to be mild sauce. He told William that the customer would not be back for a long time.

After having seen enough, Ken went and summoned his manager and Matt. Matt was fired on the spot, and Mark, will be changing his management style immediately. Ken and Mark have a working bond and are like brothers, watching each other’s back.

After four months, the only customers at Looney’s BBQ who receive XXX sauce are the ones who request it. Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this restaurant would have been subject to lawsuits for these pranks that could have seriously hurt someone.

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