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'Mystery Diners' helps out Chapeau! in San Francisco, Calif.

Chapeau! received help from Mystery Diners
Chapeau! received help from Mystery Diners
Chapeau! Facebook Page

Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Pardon My French,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Chapeau! in San Francisco, Calif.

Charles heard from chef and owner Philippe Gardelle, who brags about his food that he will match against any food in France. When Charles came to meet him, he had Brianna with him. She spent time in France and loves French food. Philippe has been hearing complaints about his wait staff. They will be focusing on Renaud, Michael and Pascal, all waiters in the restaurant. Brianna will come in as an uneducated customer and order pairings that are improper. Nate and Brooke will also be undercover as customers and Kiel will be a waiter in training, shadowing Renaud.

The control room was amazing to Philippe. Kiel felt that Renaud was unhappy about having a shadow and felt his arrogance before the customers arrived. When Kiel asked him a legitimate question, Renaud pushed him off on Michael, complaining that he asks too many questions. When Kiel asked Michael about Renaud, he said that he just quit smoking and is on edge. However, personal problems should not be taken out on customers and fellow employees.

As Andrew, Philippe’s son arrived late, his father was annoyed, then he asked the hostess to leave her post and go with him. Then they went to the back of the restaurant and were kissing as Philippe was watching agape.

Kiel asked Michael what he thought about Andrew, and he replied that he came in late, but he was a teenager, and let it slide. Then they joked about him not worrying about getting fired, because he was the boss’s son.

When Brooke and Nate came in, Pascal was their waiter. He did an awesome job, and although Brooke ordered the white wine, and he recommended the burgundy; he gave her no argument when she insisted on white wine. Then Nate did the same thing and ordered white wine with the filet, but Michael passed the test too.

When Andrew went to the back to have a cigarette, Renaud spotted him and reprimanded him for it, telling him that his father does not want him to smoke out there, and Andrew told him that his father was his boss; not him.

Renaud went to wait on Brianna, who wanted to split a filet with her date, and ordered a bottle of white wine. He insisted on bringing them red wine and would not bring the white. So Brianna and her date got up and left, but Renaud was smoking right where Andrew was smoking a short while ago and ranting about the wine and never noticed that his table left. Then Michael joined him with a cigarette. When Pascal saw them smoking, he told both to stop and return to their duties.

When Renaud took the check from his customers, they paid with a credit card, but left a tip in cash. Michael then took his tip and slipped it in his pocket.

Philippe then took the waiters back to the control room. Charles told Renaud that Brianna was undercover, he told him that she had no taste. Michael said he did not know why he was there, because he gave the customers exactly what they wanted, but he told Michael that he stole from Renaud. He said it was an industry thing, and servers do it all the time, which Charles begged to differ. Philippe then fired Michael on the spot after he gave the money back. Next was Philippe’s son, and he promised that he would act more like a leader and was sorry he did not tell his father about Lizzie.

After four months, Michael found another job serving elsewhere, Renaud quit smoking for good, Andrew and Lizzie are now going steady, and Philippe is a happy owner as are his customers.

Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," the restaurant could have lost many customers because of bad attitudes.

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