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'Mystery Diners' helps out Bistro Baffi in Burien, Wash.

Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Grapes of Wrath,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Bistro Baffi outside of Seattle in Burien, Wash.

Michael Vujovich, owner of Bistro Baffi got help from Mystery Diners
Bistro Baffi Facebook Page

Charles heard from Michael Vujovich, who is concerned about missing wine and artwork from his restaurant Bistro Baffi. When he filed a police report, they suspected it was an inside job. Michael collects fine art and fine wines, his art collection dons the walls in his restaurant. When he returns home to Montenegro, upon his return, he notices wine and paintings missing.

Charles came in with Allison and heard Michael’s story. They will be focusing on manager Ron and waitress Stacy and Allison will pose as a waitress in training, while John and Julie will pose as customers and Benny will come in as an art aficionado.

After the restaurant was wired, Michael was amazed to be able to watch the entire operation. As Julie sat right next to a wine rack, Charles told her to steal a bottle of wine, which she put in her purse, as nobody noticed. So they paid the bill and walked out.

When a couple who dine there regularly told Ron they were celebrating their 25th anniversary, he comped a $150 bottle of wine for them. Michael was shocked, and when he told Stacy not to put it on the bill, she asked all the proper questions as to why he did this.

When John was told to steal a bottle of wine, he did, and Allison told Ron. Overhearing this, Michael’s trusted waitress Michelle ran after him, and he gave her $100 for the bottle and she let him go. When she returned to the restaurant, she told him that he got away and kept the $100.

Then Benny came in to see if he could buy a painting and ordered the best wine they had. As he admired the artwork, and Michelle brought Ron over. Ron told him that the art on the walls was not for sale, but there was more, and he took him downstairs to Michael’s office, and although he wanted $5,000, he settled for $1,000 in cash for one of Michael’s paintings.

Finally, he brought back Ron and Michelle to the control room. When Michelle returned the $100 to Charles, she was fired. Then Ron acted appalled at her actions, but Michael was having none of it. Then Ron was told about giving away a $150 bottle of wine. He admitted that he was sorry, but saw Michael doing the very same thing and felt that by being in charge, he could make an executive decision. The fact that he had the nerve to sell Michael’s painting, then tell him he planned to give him the money, was outrageous. Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this restaurant could have continued to harbor thieves and cost the owner his priceless art and wine collection.

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