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'Mystery Diners' assists Zippy’s Giant Burgers in Seattle, Wash.

Mystery Diners went to Zippy's Giant Burgers in Seattle
Zippy's Facebook Page

Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Mascot Mayhem,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Zippy’s Giant Burgers in Seattle.

Charles heard from Blaine Cook who is receiving negative comments about his mascot, Zippy the Yum Yum Burger Boy. They created a real-live mascot from the depiction on their logo, but Blaine has heard stories that when he is not there, the mascot is rude and downright nasty to customers.

Charles arrived with Nadine to meet with Blaine, who was wearing a shirt with the depiction of Zippy on it. Charles liked it immediately, and Blaine told him that his artist friend came up with the idea for the logo, and it took off. Now they even sell shirts with Zippy on them. He hired Aaron to portray Zippy, and Charles asked why he just did not get another mascot. Blaine told him that when he is there, he does a great job, and the customers and kids love him. Charles explained their operation to Blaine and Nadine will act as a new cashier and John will pose as a customer.

Blaine was surprised at the command center and all the views of the restaurant on the cameras. When Aaron came in, he was interacting with the customers and letting them take photos with him. When his phone rang, he ran to the back to take the call. When Nadine asked Denisha about Aaron, she said that he was mostly a nice guy, but lately a jerk. John came in to give Zippy a hard time. As John gave him some verbal abuse, he was cool and did not lose his temper, but soon his phone rang again, and he went outside, took off the head and kept going.

They spotted him talking with Dopey Dan, Aaron’s roommate, who does nothing but play video games all day. As he came back in the restaurant, he was nasty to people and even looked like he gained weight. Charles believes that Aaron, and his roommate pulled a switcheroo. They baited him with a hamburger, and Dan went into the back room to eat the burger; Nadine noticed he smelled like alcohol when she gave him the burger too.

Aaron was outside crouching next to his car, and Blaine went and got him and Dan and took them to the control room. When the jug was up, Dan was told never to set foot in the restaurant, and Aaron was given another chance. This situation stemmed from his mother being ill, and although he would not trust Dan to take care of his mother, he trusted him enough to lose his job.

After four months, Aaron is the only Zippy and Dan is still unemployed, but had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this mascot could have been the ruination of this restaurant.

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