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'Mystery Diners' assists Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que on Food Network

'Mystery Diners' assisted Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que on Food Network
'Mystery Diners' assisted Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que on Food Network
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A last night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Fraternal Disorder,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Austin, Texas to Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que.

Charles heard from owner, Rick Engle, who swears by his barbeque and craft beers. After checking his records, Rick discovered that some of his kegs were missing, had heard rumors that some of his kegs were showing up at college campuses around Austin. If these kegs are getting out without his authorized use, it could put him out of business.

Charles arrived with Vanessa to meet with Rick and find out what his problem is. The key players they will be focusing on are, Trevor, the manager, bartender Matt and server Kevin, who all belonged to the same fraternity. Vanessa will pose as a waitress in training and Robin will pose as a customer. Vanessa went to a few frat parties over the weekend and found that after taking samples and having them analyzed, they were identical. Rick was devastated by the news.

When Vanessa started her shift, she was shadowing Kevin, who arrived very hung over. When he asked Matt for some hair of the dog, Matt served him a beer. When manager Trevor saw him down a large glass in one gulp, he told him if he saw him drinking on the job again, he would suspend him for a week; Rick would rather he fired him. Vanessa started asking Kevin about finding the beer at a frat party over the weekend, but Kevin stated that she must be mistaken.

Robin went in to bribe the employees to see if she could buy a keg for her husband’s birthday. Even after offering him $50, Trevor would not budge. When a bunch of their frat brothers entered the restaurant, two pitchers of beer were poured by Matt, who did not ring up the sale. Next they were taken to the patio and placed a to go order, as Kevin was standing right at the table with them. They ordered three pounds each of brisket and ribs with sides. After the food was cooked and ready, they called to cancel the $125 order. Because Trevor did not want to food to go to waste, he asked Kevin if his friends wanted it, and sure enough, it went out to the patio. What a scam!

Next, Kevin texted Matt to hook the frat guys up with a keg. Matt texted him back, while Trevor had no clue. When a truck pulled up to take the keg, Rick took off to haul in these jerks before he hung up the out of business sign. He also brought Trevor back to see what was happening under his nose. When they saw Charles and Rick and the setup, they all started talking. Innocent Trevor was the mastermind behind the entire operation, so all three went to the unemployment line, they should have gone to jail instead.

Four months later, all three have been replaced with employees who have no connection to the local colleges. Rick has started distributing his beer to other venues, and is happy to report that business has never been better on this episode of "Mystery Diners."

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