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'Mystery Diners' assists two feuding food trucks in San Diego, California

On Wednesday night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Dueling Food Trucks,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to assist two food trucks that are competing in a war.

Mystery Diners Food Truck War-slide0
Photo of Food Junkies Catering from Yelp

Marko Pavlinovic owner of Mangia Mangia Mobile and Brett Doogan owner of the Food Junkies Catering Truck are hearing stories that their crews are in a constant battle. Both trucks are losing too much money, and they have called in Charles and the Mystery Diners to find out what is happening.

Charles will focus on Mangia Mangia cooks; Justin, David, Jose and Spumoni. At the Food Junkies Truck, they will be watching cooks, Jacob, Stephen and Gerado. They will wire each truck with cameras and microphones and the surrounding area and have their crew pose as customers and trainees. Seth will pose as an employee on a competing truck and Corinne and Shane will pose as customers.

When the owners saw the setup, they pointed out the people to Charles. As the trucks were setting up, one of the Mangia Mangia guys called to Jacob about his weight. When Jacob got back on the truck, Jacob used a bullhorn to start advertising. Brett said it was not something he approves of. Jacob told the customers to get off the line for Mangia Mangia because their food was terrible, but he continued talking smack about other trucks too.

Seth who was working on another truck, went to introduce himself to the Mangia Mangia guys. Most were pretty nice, but David told him to keep his nose clean and go f**k yourself. So Seth went to the Food Junkies Truck to introduce himself to them, Jacob told him to have eyes in back of his head, because there are snakes there. Corinne went to the Food Junkies Truck, and Shane went to the Mangia Mangia truck. Both loved the food, and told Charles it was delicious.

One of the Mangia Mangia guys went to give free samples, and headed right to the Food Junkies truck. When Jacob saw this action, it was time to fish their truck. He took a dead fish and crawled under the Mangia Mangia truck and put it underneath. While he was under there, the guys on the truck pulled his shorts off and hung them on the truck.

Next, someone from the Sausage Truck stole the iPad from the Mangia Mangia truck. Now they believe the Food Junkies Truck is to blame, and plan retaliation to the wrong truck. They put a bungee cord on the door handle, so the guys could not get out, and brought water cannons over to squirt them. The two owners saw what was going on and went to get the troublemakers. They brought back Jacob, Jose, David and Steve. When Jose saw the Mystery Diners, he walked out immediately, and Jacob and David were fired. Steve was given another chance.

Four months later, the fired employees have found employment elsewhere. Both owners are happy to report that no more rivalry goes on between those two trucks, thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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