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'Mystery Diners' assists The Compass in Carlsbad, California

On Wednesday night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Cocktail Fail,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to The Compass in Carlsbad, California.

Mystery Diners got to the bottom of trouble at The Compass
The Compass Instagram Page

Sarra Costello, owner of The Compass Food & Drink, which serves American fare with a gourmet touch. They have two flair bartenders Levi and Steve, who entertain as well as serve drinks, but recently a rift between them has caused negative reviews, a rise in broken bottles and a drop in her bottom line. So she called in Charles and his team to find out what is going on.

Charles arrived with Amanda for the consultation. Sarra told them that each of them has come to her accusing the other as stealing tips and other wrongdoings. She has also noticed that the bottle breakage has risen from two to about ten a week. Chelsea will be a waitress in training, and Amanda will pose as a customer and the staff will install hidden cameras and microphones.

As they watched from the control room, a bottle was smashed on the bar, and somebody could have gotten hurt from the smashed glass as they performed their competition routine, and Steve dropped the bottle. Levi did damage control, cleaned up the mess and bought them a round of free drinks. When Chelsea asked the other waitresses how they felt about the bartenders, they received negative responses and felt that they were taking away their tips.

As the bartenders put on another show, Andrea picked up their tips with the menu. She next took two bottles of alcohol and poured them into another container and put the empties into a bag and smashed them, to make it look like the bartenders broke them. She next went online and posted a bad review and called Sarra to come over right away because the bartenders were ready for a fist fight.

Sarra went over to bring the three back to the control room and confront the thief, who expected the bartenders to be fired. Andrea was the one who was fired when her actions were seen by all. After four months, the two bartenders have become good friends, and Sarra has instituted a tip sharing policy, and losses are at a minimum, thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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