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'Mystery Diners' assists The Barrio Star in San Diego, California

Mystery Diners visited Barrio Star in San Diego
Mystery Diners visited Barrio Star in San Diego
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On Wednesday night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Promotion Sabotage,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to The Compass in Carlsbad, California.

Isabel Cruz and Todd Camburn, co-owners of Barrio Star and several other restaurants. With another restaurant opening soon, they usually promote someone from one of the other restaurants to work in the new place and train the employees. The problem is, they cannot decide who to promote. Isabel feels that Mark is the best choice, but Todd feels that Cal is the best choice. Recently, Todd has been getting negative feedback about Mark, and wants to find out the real story, so they called in Charles and his staff.

The cameras have been installed with microphones in strategic locations. Chelsea will be a waitress in training, while Seth and Shane will pose as customers. As Isabel and Todd observe the operation, they are shocked at how will Charles and his team have given them a clear view of the place. Chelsea has been there for a few days and believes both candidates to be excellent managers.

While Mark was at the POS, server Jessica came to him and gave him guff about always hogging the machine. When he walked away, she punched in his code to put in an order, and both owners saw it when she deleted his previous order.

They then sent in Shane and Seth and had each sit at one of the waiter’s area. They plan to give them a difficult time and see how they handle it. The waiters passed each test with flying colors. Then Jessica was spotted telling Sergio, another server what she did to Mark.

Chelsea went to talk with Sergio and found out that Mark and Jessica went on one date, but she is obsessed with him, and he is not really into her. Sergio called her a stage five clinger girl.

When both customers canceled their desserts, Mark went to a manager to have her void it. Cal just took it off the bill, which is not proper.

Then Jessica tried to get back with Mark, and did not want him to leave to the Bay Area restaurant; so she sabotaged his work to keep him there. When he again told her, he was not interested, she threw something at him as he walked away. Having seen enough, Isabel went to get the both of them. When confronted, Jessica blamed Mark, but she was fired immediately. He apologized for dating someone he worked with and swore he would never do it again.

Four months later, Jessica found employment elsewhere; Cal was promoted and moved to San Francisco. Mark is now next in line for a management position and Isabel and Todd have instituted a “no employee dating policy,” and are happy to report there is no drama at Barrio Star, thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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