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'Mystery Diners' assists Shades Oceanfront Bistro in San Diego

A few patrons from Shades Oceanfront Bistro
Shades Oceanfront Bistro Facebook Page

On Monday night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Going to the Dogs,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to San Diego to Shades Oceanfront Bistro.

Charles heard from owners Jeff Levitt and Dave Martin, who own the family and pet friendly restaurant on the beach. At this restaurant, they not only pamper dogs there, they serve them. At this restaurant, the hosts are two dogs, Bernie and Ian, who greet all the customers and their pets. They have a Fido menu, with unseasoned chicken and beef just for dogs.

They called in “Mystery Diners,” because their food costs are starting to rise, and it is mainly the foods served to the pets. They are not certain what is going on, but they must get to the bottom of it. Dave brought his dog Otto to meet with the owners, and find out what their problem was, and if it does not stop, they may have to cut out the Fido menu altogether.

They will focus on their head cook, Clint, who always does a good job when the owners are there. “Mystery Diner” Corinne will pose as a waitress in training and Seth will pose as a customer with Otto, the first undercover dog on the show. The owners loved the panoramic view of the restaurant, but when Alisha, the new manager spoke with a friend out of range of the microphones; money was exchanged between them, when she picked up her dog from Alisha. Next they spotted another server bringing her dog to work, which is not allowed. Corinne asked her if she always brings her dog to work, and she said, only on Saturdays when Alisha was managing and the owners were not there.

Alisha went to Clint and told him she needed a Pupsicle, which is a cold dish for dogs. He told her to drop a ticket, but she stated that it was on her. Alisha then came over to Seth to tell him they ran a dog sitting service on Saturdays, and during the week, she can come to your house and gave him a business card. When Otto got his food, it was not chicken, like Seth ordered, it had gravy on it, and the owners told Charles that they did not serve gravy.

Next, they noticed that Clint was in the walk-in putting fresh meat in a cooler and replacing the menu food with dog food. When he got a phone call, they sent Seth to walk with Otto and try to pick up on his conversation. It seems that Alisha and Clint are running separate operations. When the owners went to get them and bring them to the audio-video setup, Alisha was shocked. Both of them were fired, even though Alisha asked for a second chance.

Four months later, the two fired employees have found employment elsewhere; no employees bring their dogs to work, and Jeff and Dave are happy to report that there are no more discrepancies in their food bills thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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