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'Mystery Diners' assists Sam’s Tavern in Seattle, Wash.

Sam's Tavern received a visit from Mystery Diners
Sam's Tavern received a visit from Mystery Diners
Sam's Tavern Facebook Page

Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "The Great Divide,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Sam’s Tavern in Seattle's Capitol Hill.

Charles heard from James and Brianna Snyder, ten-month owners of this restaurant, where having fun and good food go hand in hand. Prior to their purchase of the place, it was struggling. They rebuilt it from the ground up, and to ensure the business remained; they kept a handful of the old employees. With a huge division between old and new employees, they must find out why the turnover is so high. With a new baby on the way, they need full cooperation of all employees, or this place is headed down the same route as the old one.

Charles came to visit the couple with Nadine. They kept on Heidi, a manager, a bartender and a cook. When they asked Heidi why the new employees were not working out, she told them that they were just not working out, but they hand-selected these people, and there must be a bigger problem.

The focus will be on Heidi, the manager, waitress/bartender Chelsea and cook, Reeves. Nadine will pose as a new bartender in training and see for herself if she is singled out. Jason will pose as a customer.

When Brianna called Heidi to ask her to check the beer inventory, she made fun of her after the phone call and ignored her request. When Nadine questioned one-month employee Cody, she loved the owners and as for Heidi, she also was treated like an outsider. When it was mentioned that some employees were going to another bar after work, Nadine asked Reeves if she could go, and he told her sure, but don’t tell Heidi and Chelsea.

When Chelsea dropped a plate of food, Heidi acted like it was no big deal, and it was cleaned up. So Nadine was told to drop a glass and see what happened. Heidi came over and cursed out Nadine telling her that glasses cost money. When she pointed out that Chelsea dropped a plate of food, and that she was overreacting, she told her to clean it up.

Jason came in with his date to see how new customers are treated. When they came in and sat down, Heidi came to tell them the table was reserved. When Heidi’s friends came in she sat them in the table where Jason, and his date were sitting. Chelsea came right over to serve them and moved Jason’s ticket in the kitchen behind their friends, so they had to wait longer for their food.

Having seen enough, James went to get Heidi and Chelsea. When Chelsea apologized, and realized that Heidi treated her the same way when she was new, she got to keep her job. Heidi was fired.

After four months, Chelsea got along well with the other employees, Heidi found a job elsewhere, and Reeves was promoted to head cook. With Heidi out of the picture, the place is doing better than ever.

Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this restaurant could have been headed in the same direction as the previous owners.

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