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'Mystery Diners' assists Old School Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas

Mystery Diners vistied Old School Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas
Mystery Diners vistied Old School Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas
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Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Bad Poets Society,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Old Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas.

Charles heard from Danny Parrott and Jonathan Insley, the co-owners of the bar that is a restaurant by day and a club by night. As they try to embrace the musical culture of Austin, they have a poetry jam night on Sundays and although Danny was onboard with the concept, Jonathan was against it. They went through with it, but are experiencing higher food costs and lost revenue on this particular night. So Charles and his team were called in to get to the bottom of the problem.

Brian, the new manager was the one who suggested the poetry night, and they plan to keep a watchful eye on him due to the discrepancies. Mystery Diner Samantha will be a waitress in training, and Justin will pose as a customer. As the owners watched the operation with Charles, Danny went in with Samantha to introduce her to Brian. He immediately put Samantha to work passing out unauthorized flyers outside the bar. When she questioned him about training, he told her that it was the highest priority, because he was trying to build a customer base on the poetry night. When Samantha brought in the flyers for them to see, it stated that just by being a participant, they would receive a free drink and a free appetizer. Now they see why the night is a revenue loss.

When Justin and his date went in, they made it clear that they were only there for the free drinks and appetizers. When Cassie, the waitress told them, she would be back for their entrée order, Justin told her they only wanted the free stuff. Then she told them to make sure they took care of her. As more people came in, the poets showed up and they got free drinks and food too. The waitresses went along with the deal, because Brian was the manager, so they just did what he told them to do. When a bunch of Cassie’s friends arrived, she gave them flyers to get the free drinks and appetizers too.

When the poets started reciting their poetry, it was terrible, then a man got up and used profanity in his poem and several people left the place. When Justin called Brian over to tell him how offended, he was by the profanity, Brian brought him more free drinks. When the profane poet started throwing dishes on the floor, the guys had enough. They fired Brian on the spot, and Cassie was following Brian’s orders and was given a week's suspension. She loves her job and apologized, but did not know that the owners were unaware of the scam Brian was perpetrating on them.

After four months, Brian continues to support the Austin poetry community, Cassie no longer gives her friends free drinks, but had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this one night may have been the ruination of this great bar and restaurant.

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