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'Mystery Diners' assists My Greek and Italian Restaurant in Tacoma, Wash.

My Greek and Italian Restaurant appeared on Mystery Diners
My Greek and Italian Restaurant appeared on Mystery Diners
My Greek and Italian Facebook page

Tonight's Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Greek Tragedy,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to My Greek and Italian Restaurant in Tacoma, Wash.

Charles and Brianna came to Tacoma, Wash. to My Greek and Italian Restaurant where they met with Nader Morcos, owner, who recently took time off from the restaurant. Upon his return, he saw that the numbers did not add up, and the supply of dishes had dwindled down considerably.

When they arrived, Nader had a surprise for them, Greek Saganaki, the delicious cheese that is brought to the table aflame. Brianna told Nader that she was half-Greek and Nader loved her immediately. They will be focusing on assistant manager Steve, waitress Sarah and busboy Travis.

When the cameras and microphones were set up, Brianna will pose as a waitress in training and Nadine will be a customer. Upon seeing the screens, Nader was surprised how much he could see of what was happening in his place. Steve introduced Brianna to the rest of the staff and all seemed well, until he poured about a triple shot of vodka to use to light the Saganaki. Nader cringed as he did this, because he could burn down the restaurant. Now Nader is starting to see where his profits are going.

When a shady looking guy came in to see Travis, they had no idea who he was or what he wanted. The guy paid Travis $50 and gave him flyers, and it seems that he had done this before. Brianna brought a flyer to the control room, and it was for Travis’ friend’s band. Travis put a flyer in the takeout bag with a customer’s food being held at another restaurant.

When Nadine went in, she wanted to know if they performed the traditional Greek act of breaking dishes? Sarah told her that they did not do it any longer. She asked to see the manager, and Steve came over. He explained that it is dangerous and expensive. She offered him $100 and begged because it was their anniversary. Of course, the $100 did not go to replace the plates, as it went in Steve’s pocket.

Brianna asked Travis if this happened a lot, when he was sent out to clean up the broken dishes. He told her it did. Then Steve turned off the outside lights of the restaurant and as people were attempting to enter, he told them it was closed. Later the guy with the flyers and some of his friends were allowed to come in and drink for free. Then Steve lit some more Saganaki, after he was drinking. Having seen enough, Nader went in to get them. When they arrived in the control room, Steve was fired, Travis apologized and told Nader that it was Steve’s idea, and he was afraid he would be fired if he did not oblige him. Nader gave him a second chance.

Four months later, Travis is still there, and no longer abuses his position. Steve has found another job, and Sarah is training to become the assistant manager. Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this restaurant could have been out of business due to Steve’s irrational behavior.

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