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'Mystery Diners' assists Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, Nevada

John Arena the Pizza Man had Mystery Diners check out missing ingredients
John Arena the Pizza Man had Mystery Diners check out missing ingredients
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On a recent episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "The Italian Job,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to assist an owner with lost inventory.

John Arena, co-owner of Metro Pizza and the bakery attached to it, is having a problem with lost inventory. For the sting, they will concentrate on the manager, Albert, who is responsible for both restaurant and bakery; head pizza cook Tony, and head baker Amy. Arielle will be a waitress in training, and Andy will pose as a customer.

John felt like Star Trek when he saw the control room. Arielle started that morning as a trainee. Immediately, Amy the baker, noticed a large bag of her flour was missing. She told Albert that she suspected Tony. Now Amy told Tony to stay away from her kitchen.

Emily, a waitress, told Albert she had to leave early, and slipped him some money. When Arielle asked Emily about Albert, she told her that to get along well with him, just grease him; that is, give him $5 or $10 once in a while. This way, you get better tables, and preferential treatment.

Now they want to know if the customers can grease the manager too? When Andy came in, he acted like it was their anniversary and wanted to sit at a table where he and his girl sat on their first date. It cost him $20 to get Albert to agree to change their table, and offered the three guys at the table, free desserts.

When a takeout order was left at the bar, Amy took it and ran out of the back door and threw it in the trash. When the man walked in, to pick up his pizzas, they were not there. Now the pizzas were on the house for the guy who had to wait. All of these pranks were costing the owner, not the feuding people. Next, Tony took a large bag of bread flour to Tony’s car. That was the last straw, and John went out and grabbed them in the parking lot and brought them into the control room.

When Tony saw what was happening, he left, saving John the trouble of firing him. Albert told them that his sister was opening a restaurant, and he was helping her out. However, Albert was fired too. As for Amy, John knew what she was going through, and gave her a pass.

After four months, Albert and Tony have found employment elsewhere. Amy was reprimanded for her actions, but since then, there has been no conflict between the restaurant and the bakery, thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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