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'Mystery Diners' assists Devine Pastabilities in San Diego, California

Mystery Diners visited Devine Pastabilities in San Diego
Mystery Diners visited Devine Pastabilities in San Diego
Devine Pastabilities Facebook Page

Wednesday’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Trademark Trouble,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to assist an owner whose idea for the Torpasta is getting ripped off.

Damien Devine, owner of Devine Pastabilities called in Charles and company to get to the bottom of why his inventory is missing for the Torpasta holders and some of the bread to make them.

They will be focusing on manager Seth and waitress Brittany. Amanda will be a waitress in training, Shane will be a customer, and Andy will be a restaurant executive. Amanda was there for a few days, and did not notice any discrepancies. She asked Seth, the kitchen manager, about the

Torpasta, and told her that Damien was a food genius. Brittany did not feel the same way, and said the sandwich was just a calzone and anyone could have invented it. Shane came in and Brittany waited on him, she was not negative when talking with the customers, and he decided to try one. When she brought him extra napkins, he tried to get the bread recipe, but she could not bite.

From a camera at the back door, a man with several boxes came to the back door. Inside the boxes were Torpasta stands. Alfredo, told Amanda that they were for parties, and Seth was in charge of the parties. So in went Andy to try to bribe Seth. Seth seemed adamant that it was not for sale. Suddenly, Seth had a similar product called a Torpatty. He used Damien’s bread, meat and cheese to make this and used Alfredo to cook it. Damien went to get the two, but believed that Alfredo was an unknowing accomplice, but Seth was fired immediately.

Four months later, Charles is glad to say that Seth has moved on to another job, Chef Alfredo has been promoted to kitchen manager, and Damien is happy to report that the Torpasta is now only served at Devine Pastabilities, thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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