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'Mystery Diners' assists Barefoot Bob’s Beach Bar & Gaming in Las Vegas

'Mystery Diners' at Barefoot Bob’s Beach Bar & Gaming in Las Vegas
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On last night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Life’s Not A Beach,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Las Vegas to Barefoot Bob’s Beach Bar & Gaming.

Charles heard from owner Marty Tunnell, who is very busy on other projects. He brought in someone he thought he could really trust named Patricia. Marty has been hearing complaints that she is rude and incompetent, so he called in the “Mystery Diners” to investigate. He does not believe that she is doing some of the things they report, so now he will find out the truth.

Charles came in with Hollie and met with Marty. The complaints have come from the employee suggestion box, and the VIP room, has not been doing much business, and he also wants to find out if Patricia is not utilizing this room for customers. Charles advised him that there could be jealousy on the part of long-time employees, who just do not get along with her. Hollie will go undercover as a bartender in training prior to the sting, Andy will pose as a sales rep and John will come in as a customer.

Hollie has gained the staff’s confidence by joining the staff a few days ago. Marty was impressed with the camera setup and pointed out the Charles, who everyone was. Hollie was told right from the start how much her fellow bartenders did not like Patricia, and labeled her “The Pitbull.” It seems that it is Marty they should be mad at, for passing them over and hiring Patricia.

Patricia called a five-minute shift call. She instituted the $100 minimum for the VIP room, and the bartenders believe that should be lifted. After she sent them off to their assignments, she saw a customer’s food, and told the chef that she did not eat this morning, took food and told them to make another one, Marty was appalled, and would never do that.

Next, they sent in Andy to persuade her to make a liquor purchase, that she is not authorized to make. As good as the deal was, she did not bite. When a bartender’s boyfriend came in with his friends, they wanted to use the VIP room. Patricia said it was alright until the reservation came in at 5 p.m. They ordered rum and cokes and some food. They saw her ring up the food, but not the drinks. Then they asked for cigars; Marty did not sell them, but has a private stash in his office. She went into his office and took three $75 cigars from his office.

When John went in to get the room, Liz told him it was not available, asked who they spoke to, and was told the manager makes mistakes all the time. She subsequently offered them free drinks. Then Liz went into the VIP room to bring her boyfriend food and noticed he was burning a pillow with his cigar. She took the pillow and put it in the trash to cover her tracks. When Marty had enough he went in.

When they came back to the control room, both Patricia and Liz were surprised. Liz admitted she started giving away the place because she felt disrespected by Marty for passing her up for the promotion. When she asked Marty for another chance, he fired her.

As for Patricia, she was reprimanded for eating a customer’s food, but she was sorry and promised to never do it again.

Four months later, Liz and her boyfriend broke up and she has found employment elsewhere. Marty was also happy to report that the profits from the VIP room have doubled thanks to Charles and his staff of "Mystery Diners."

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