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'Mystery Diners' assists Bake House Restaurant & Bar on Food Network

Mystery Diners went to Bake House in Austin, Texas to settle a feud
Mystery Diners went to Bake House in Austin, Texas to settle a feud
Bake House Facebook Page

A last night’s episode of Food Network episode of "Mystery Diners" was titled, "Family Ties,” where Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners came to Austin, Texas to Bakehouse Restaurant and Bar.

Charles heard from Carl Zapffe, owner of the Bake House Restaurant and Bar, a mulch-cultural dining experience, offering plates from around the world. Carl is having a problem with two servers; one is Ali, a waitress any restaurant would be happy to have, and Adam, his son. This feud is starting to affect his bottom line.

Charles came to visit Carl with Holly. She states that Adam is lazy and gets away with things because he is the boss’ son, and he feels that she has a queen bee attitude and bosses everyone around. As Adam arrived at work, she started riding him immediately. So to see how she treats other employees, Holly posed as a waitress in training. Carl went in and introduced Holly to Ali; she was pleasant and did not act like she was holding a grudge against Adam. Then she passed off Holly to another server, claiming she was very busy. Next, right in front of Adam, she told her to train Holly correctly, teach her everything Adam does not know how to do.

When Ali left the area, Holly started asking the staff what they thought about her? Nobody held her in high regard, and they stated she was no better than anyone else in the place. She seemed to be on Adam’s back too much, and he stated that he did not even want to be there, this was his father’s business, and he wanted other things in his life. This was news to Carl, who did not know he felt this way, and hoped one day to pass the restaurant onto his son.

They also spotted Benny, the baker, who is usually there earlier in the day, bringing supplies into the restaurant. Adam seemed to be in on what he was doing, and warned him to watch out for Ali. This was a mystery to Carl. As they observed Benny, he had gluten-free flour and other items that were unauthorized by Carl. He made brownies using most of Carl’s supplies, and when Holly told Ali, she went to Benny, who denied that he was doing anything wrong. Adam stepped in to keep Ali from Benny and told her he did not want her there.

When Carl went in, he brought Ali, Adam and Benny back to the control room. He fired Benny immediately, and when he had to choose over Ali and Adam, he kept Ali, provided she changed her attitude, and told Adam to go and do what he wanted, and he could come back anytime.

Four months later, Benny went on to another job; Adam is attending college and studying bio-medical engineering; Ali has changed her attitude and hopes to become an assistant manager, Carl is happy to say that harmony has returned to his restaurant.

Had it not been for the "Mystery Diners," this restaurant was headed down a bad road, now father and son are both happy and things are running smoothly.

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