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Mysterious Smash Bros. site pops up, hints at newcomer

A mysterious new character is being hinted at
A mysterious new character is being hinted at
Smash Bros

With E3 coming up rumors are spreading all around the internet and today a site has popped up dedicated solely to a potential Smash Bros. newcomer.

The website,, features a cloudy background and gives very few hints towards who the character might be other than saying the character is a demon and a mercenary. The audio is mainly just the sound of swords clanging together, which certainly could be another clue. The appearance of the site was first reported by

After about a minute of different phrases scrolling across the screen, the Smash logo and a countdown are featured on the page. The countdown leads up to the beginning of E3 which starts June 10.

Now to be perfectly honest the site seems pretty fake, but it has gained some traction and could be worth reporting on. That being said, all the information linked to the site gives absolutely no hint that the site is owned by anybody that has anything to do with Nintendo.

There will be a ton more rumors to come as we draw closer to E3 and in the end, the only things that we can verify for sure are the things officially announced by Nintendo. Though this website is more than likely fake, it certainly is one of the better hoaxes put together.