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Mysterious Slenderman blamed for attacks

A fictitious is being blamed for a serious of stabbings
Photos courtesy of Imgur via Supplied

A mysterious creature has been blamed for a recent serious of violent attacks. The fictional character known as Slenderman is haunting the minds of children and causing them to inflict harm onto others, the Daily Mail reported today.

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Slenderman. Slenderman is a fictional character that was created by Eric Knudsen on June 8, 2009. Knudsen also known as Victor Surge created the internet meme and introduced it in a thread on the Something Awful forum.

Slenderman is depicted as an unusually tall and thin man with a blank and featureless face. He wears a black suit and fictional stories of the being consist of him stalking and kidnapping children.

On May 31, two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin were charged with attempted murder of another 12-year-old girl when they attempted to kill her and sacrifice her to the fictitious online demon.

According to police reports, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyster told authorities that they invited their friend over for an overnight sleepover. The two preteens originally planned to put duct tape on the girl's mouth and stab her to death so that they could hide her body so it made it look like the girl ran away to the Slenderman's house.

Geyster and Weier ended up not sticking to their plan, but instead took their victim to a park restroom building where they stabbed her 19 times and left the girl for dead. Luckily the girl crawled to a nearby road where a bicyclist found her. She was taken to a local hospital and treated for her wounds and released a few days later. Gestyer and Weire were both charged as adults for attempted murder and are looking at 65 years in prison for the crime.

Last night a 13-year-old girl in Ohio obsessed with Slenderman stabbed her mother. The teen waited in the kitchen for her mother to come home from work and when she arrived, the girl attacked and stabbed her mom multiple times. The woman sustained minor injuries from the attack.

"I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me and she was wearing a white mask. She had her hood up and had her hands covered with her sleeves and the mask,” the woman said to local news station WLWT in an interview.

The woman told authorities that her daughter has ongoing mental issues and is obsessed with the Slenderman creature. She said that her daughter constantly talks about being possessed by demons and that she is falling into darkness.

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