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Mysterious photo of soldier found in stray dog's collar

Does anyone recognize this photo of this soldier or this dog?
Does anyone recognize this photo of this soldier or this dog?
Greenville county Pet Rescue

A mysterious black and white photo of a soldier apparently sitting with his leg across a railing was discovered wrapped in the collar of a stray brown pit bull found on Saturday in Greenville, S.C. reports wfsb news.

The healthy and heart worm free dog, now named Soldier by the kind folks at the Greenville County Pet Rescue photo, along with the picture of the soldier, was posted on the group's Facebook page and elicited several different theories as to what the soldier was holding in his hands or how he was leaning and standing.

A few people think the smiling soldier may have been holding a knife or even another animal. So far there has been no further information on either the soldier or of the dog's true identity.

If you are interested in adopting two-year-old Soldier, who is described as friendly and amenable to other dogs, please refer to ID#21844639.

Soldier has lots of friends staying with him at the Greenville County Pet Rescue. Check out their photos and consider adopting a new four-legged friend life partner.

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