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Mysterious loud boom and shaking this time in Calgary, Canada: Not frost quakes!

Excuses given for mysterious loud booms:  Tannerite, military, frost quakes
Excuses given for mysterious loud booms: Tannerite, military, frost quakes
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Once again a mysterious loud boom and shaking have made themselves known, this time in Calgary, Canada. A mysterious loud boom startled residents in northwest Calgary around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 4, and emergency services were flooded with calls from alarmed residents reporting a loud boom and a shock wave that shook their homes. It was heard and felt in communities like Hidden Valley, Silver Springs, Ranchlands, Edgemont and Hawkwood.

Jayden Olszak in Evanston said the “explosion” was very loud and it shook his house. He said, “I called around and a couple of other people heard it.”

Both fire crews and police scoured more than half a dozen neighborhoods, but found no evidence of an explosion. After about an hour of searching, they gave up and to date have been unable to determine the cause of the shaking or even where the noise originated.

Police Insp. Rob McFadyen said, "We don't have smoke, we don't have fire. We have no repeat of events. We have no idea . . . at this point, it's a mystery."

Many people know the cause of the mysterious loud booms and shaking. The powers-that-be have known for decades, but for reasons known only to them, they refuse to share this information with the public. Others who know the truth of what is happening and attempt to share it with others are often not believed. The mysterious loud booms being heard and shaking being felt are due to Planet X (Nibiru) stressing and stretching Earth. When a fault-line moves, you get an earthquake, but when earth pulls apart, you get loud booms and shaking.

According to Fire Battalion Chief, Allan Ball, it was not a “so-called” frost quake. He said possible causes were a gravel-pit detonation or blown transformer; however, no one called to say they were going to blow something up or the power was out. ENMAX Energy Corporation said there were no gas or power outages, and Lafarge construction said crews were not conducting any controlled detonations in gravel pits. Military aircraft have also been ruled out.

Ball said, "We don't even know where this came from."

Usually, in the case of mysterious loud booms, an unsuspecting public receives “standard explanations” from so-called “experts,” who attempt to explain away the mysterious loud booms people hear and feel as frost quakes, tannerite explosions, or military operations, even when loud booms occur in the middle of the night. (Does the military conduct loud booming exercises, near sleeping communities, in the middle of the night? Probably not!)

By the way, the so-called “frost quakes” are a very recent addition to the long list of reasons given for the mysterious loud booms heard worldwide – even when there is no frost or cold involved.

A number of mysterious loud booms also occurred in southern Ontario in January. Those hearing them described them as “a loud noise that shook their homes,” leading them to believe something had hit their house.

Last, but not least, this interesting tidbit from the University of Calgary:

An unnamed “expert” at the University of Calgary said that, unfortunately, “a seismic monitoring station that could have shed light on a mysterious explosion in the northwest on Tuesday, was offline at the time."

How very convenient! Timing is everything.

So there you have it – the mysterious loud booms continue, "cause remains unknown,” except for a chosen few.


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