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Mysterious invisible explosion booms terrifying Virginians

Invisible explosions bring terror to Virginians and communities around globe
Invisible explosions bring terror to Virginians and communities around globe

Police and firefighters were called to three different parts of Colonial Heights Sunday for reports of more mysterious loud sounds and intense vibrations shaking homes and terrifying residents. Other towns across the same area of Virginia have been experiencing the invisible “explosions” for weeks.

Terror in Virginia and beyond

“It’s a loud, loud boom,” Clint Lanier, who lives in Chesterfield County, told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil. “It’ ain’t no shotgun and it ain’t no kind of gun. It’s like an explosion.”

“I thought it was thunder,” Kelsey Barnes of Colonial Heights said. “It kind of shook the house a little bit.”

Officials have failed to tie the booms to one specific area, not even nearby military bases, but say they’ve been reported for several weeks in Virginia.

Those who’ve heard the boom said it does not happen again for several days and that the sound varies.

John Thompson heard the boom in Colonial Heights and said it sounded like a jet’s sonic boom.

“I’ve heard it numerous times,” Colonial resident Susan Crane said after hearing it again Sunday. “I usually get up and look out my door, like I’m going to see something, but there’s nothing to see.”

CBS 6 News is conducting an investigation on the invisible explosions. It has checked area surveillance cameras across the city, Fort Lee and Fort Picket; the rock quarry in Dinwiddie and Chesterfield; transformers and the possibility of a sonic boom — but has found no possible cause.

Colonial Heights Fire Chief A.G. Moore said his department has no additional leads about what the noise folks are hearing from Chester to southern Chesterfield and Colonial Heights in Virginia.

Mysterious “booms” have been occurring across the United States and other countries, as reported in Dec. by Before It’s News.

“Since January 2011, my news website has received reports from all over the United States about loud boom sounds that often shake — even crack — walls, windows and garage doors, sometimes associated with bright flashes of white light in clear, calm skies – no thunder, no lightning,” says Linda Moulton Howe. “Everyone who hears the loud, short booms say they are definitely not sonic booms from normal aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

“Some earwitnesses think the booms come from above ground or from the sky. Others such as the Mayor of Clintonville, Wisconsin, experience having the bottoms of their feet hit by a painful percussion wave from something underground — even when the U.S. Geological Survey has no record of seismic activity and local civil authorities say there is no underground fracking or mining or construction to explain the phenomenon.”

Ashley Goodlett told Howe, “You would think if there was something going on that would potentially harm us, that they would tell us.

“Exactly, and with terrorism supposedly the top of the priority list in the United States, where national security is of concern, why wouldn’t Homeland Security be investigating every one of these loud boom reports,” Howe responded.

“Right,” Goodlett said. “Maybe they know something that we don’t know.”

[See and listen to More Loud, Mysterious Booms in Kentucky and Illinois, Earthfiles]

The Daily Mail has recently reported loud booms shaking Canada. ”From around Toronto and across Ontario hundreds of people are being startled by hearing large booms – causing them to think their homes are being broken into or gunshots are being fired.”

There, the loud booms are being attributed to ice melting.

Ice metling, however, fails to explain the phenomena in other areas.

Sources: CBS 6, Earthfiles, Before It's News

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