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Mysteries of the Arcana, Kickstarter project

An LGBT-friendly, tarot-inspired webcomic.
An LGBT-friendly, tarot-inspired webcomic.
James Gray

Mysteries of the Arcana is an LGBT-friendly webcomic that is a tarot-inspired romantic adventure. The comic follows the adventures of Chrystalline, the last of a mythical race known as the dreamers; and Theresa, a young woman from our world, as they travel through a tarot-inspired multiverse. According to the story, there are 78 universes (called arcana in the comic) in the Mysteries of the Arcana multiverse, each modeled after a different tarot card, plus, most of the major characters of the series have a connection to a specific tarot card. The web comic has been available to the public, free of charge, on the internet since January of 2009. Thus far there are four chapters that spread across some 300+ pages.

A tarot-inspired, LGBT-friendly webcomic.
James Gray

• In Chapter 1, Theresa met Chrystalline and helped Chrys rescue her mother from the robotic intelligence of the Devil arcana.

• In Chapter 2, Chrystalline tricked Theresa into reliving her past atop a giant turtle, damaging their budding relationship.

• In Chapter 3, Theresa and William hunted for Vitamin X in the wastelands of the Tower arcana while Chrys and Mandrake dealt with alien thieves and parrot pirate captains.

Chapter 4 explores the origin of the arcana and gives us a glimpse into Chrys and Theresa’s first non-date.

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to fund Chapter 5: The money raised by this campaign is designed to fund Chapter 5 of Mysteries of the Arcana. Beginning in March of 2014 the comic will be posted twice a week, free of charge. Chapter 5 is approximately 67 pages and should run until December 2014. Most of the funds raised by the Kickstarter will be used to compensate both Keith Wood, the illustrator and Suzanne Hartwick, the editor. The rest of the funds collected will be used to pay for Kickstarter rewards and shipping.

The Creative Team for Mysteries of the Arcana includes James Gray (writer). Gray tells us that he has based Mysteries of the Arcana off a lifetime of dreaming as well as his own understanding of the tarot, gained from study and his time spent as a professional reader. The series current illustrator is Keith Wood, who is a regular artist on the convention circuit, a semi-pro voice actor (he’s also the narrator in the Kickstarter video!), as well as the creator of Silver City, an upcoming print comic series. Editor Suzanne Hartwick has a background in both literary editing and visual communication, making her the perfect choice to edit a webcomic. The artistic team has also included Sarrah, Jessica Cantlope, Gennifer Bone, and Tiffany Munro. All four amazing artists have contributed to Mysteries of the Arcana in the past.

This project will only be funded if at least $4,100 is pledged by Thursday, Feb 6 2014.


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