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Myriad Opulence and a June Swoon


I love words. I love books. I love proper speech and grammar. I love the dictionary and the thesaurus. It is somewhat odd that I seem to love a lot of things as I have acquired a reputation for hating so many things or, at the very least, being relatively indifferent to so much. It is also odd stating I love proper grammar, at least when it comes to the written word, as I seem to use a lot of commas when I write, and never quite understanding when and where a comma should fall, like right now. I am also not very adept at writing conversations - as in (comma?) how to place quotation marks. Does the period or question mark lie (lay?) within the quotations or outside? I don't know and probably don't care too much. I write what I write and how I write when I want to write. I have my own style like e.e. cummings did. He probably caught a lot of flack in school from English teachers. I sometimes, when writing, never use a capital ' I '. I use the lower case in attempt to portray the insignificance of myself, or of the ' i ' as a letter. I feel the letter is egotistical and narcissistic in and of itself. As a writer I am neither and/or either.

i have gone off track as i intended this to be a short article about new book releases in June, so allow me to do so quickly.

1) The City - Dean Koontz. I've only ever read his Odd Thomas series. I wanted to read his Frankenstein series but haven't. I assume this book involves a murder or disappearance in The City.

2) Well I was wrong. After scanning a review, it seems to be about a musician born in 1967 who thinks back on things that have happened in The City. That's as far as I've gotten with the review but Koontz is a decent writer as far as i can tell.

This article ended up not being so short or about new books but I did mention one book so, in my tiny mind, it counts as some sort of book review or something. If anyone is reading this you may have noticed i went back to using a capital ' i '. I am not as insignificant as I once thought, but still have no idea how to use a comma, properly.