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Myranda Nash in Nashville on American Idol - no ordinary girl

A young mother - a star is born
A young mother - a star is born

Raedriana Nash, you're going to Hollywood! She longs to hear those words as do many American Idol contestants. But what sets this girl apart from all of the other hopefuls?

No Ordinary Girl
courtesy Angela M

Upon first introduction Raedriana is humble, polite and delightful. Getting to know her more you'll find that she is also confident, strong and unusually goal oriented for a young person her age.

Her positive virtues may come from enduring the many hardships of her life thus far to include her mother, Christina Nash's heart problems that have consumed energy, money and precious time from them both and her 2 younger sisters. Christina is an artist herself and is an inspiration to her to keep her passion set on what she loves, her music. On Stage Raedriana sweeps herself away and charms her audience as "Myranda". With style poise and presence, she dives deep into her soul to bring forth a heart wrenching sound. Her life is contained in her voice as she opens her mouth to sing.

Hope to hear her this upcoming season on America Idol.

Support Christina as she tries to help her baby girl make a path to fulfilling her dreams.  Join Myranda's supporters or visit her on facebook.


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