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Myra Goldick's latest book encourages readers to "go for their dreams!"

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Online--Author Myra Goldick asks a very interesting question in her new book, Dancing On Your Disabilites - "Would you choose happiness if it were offered to you?" Goldick wants her readers to understand why we should never say "impossible" to our dreams.

This inspiring book by Myra Goldick will help you discover:

  • What true happiness means to you and why you aren’t enjoying life to the fullest extent possible
  • How to change feelings of discontent into joy and appreciation
  • Why old ghosts can’t hurt unless you succumb to fear
  • How anyone can attract happiness into their world on demand, despite any existing adverse circumstances

Goldick believes her unique, easy-to-follow "Guide to Happiness" can begin changing your life or the lives of those you love one week from today!

The quest for happiness is a universal and timeless need that crosses continents, religious, and ethnic differences. Entire lives have been spent searching for it. Unfortunately, many people repeatedly fall short of their goal simply by not knowing how to overcome a specific obstacle. Imagine how quickly your life could change if you had a system that allowed you to overcome an unlimited number of obstacles simultaneously!

In her new book, Dancing on Your Disabilities, Myra Goldick explains why happiness is a choice—a “state of mind that is available to anyone who is willing to let go of old ghosts from the past, childhood misconceptions, mid-life fear, disappointment, fears, disillusionment, and do the necessary introspective work.” Goldick shares how she discovered the ability to face and overcome life long health challenges. Believe it or not, she uncovered the secret to living a happy life in the midst of chaos through introspection and self-acceptance. Won't you join her? There is enough happiness for everyone.

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