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MyQ Garage turns your garage into a 'Smart Garage'

Turn your garage into a Smart Garage with MyQ Garage
Turn your garage into a Smart Garage with MyQ Garage

Running your household, especially that black hole of a garage we all dread, just got easier with the MyQ Garage.

I know this firsthand. The garage is one of the most frequently used parts of the house, but how often do we think about our garage and how we can improve it?

How about creating a "Smart Garage?"

MyQ Garage does just that.

MyQ Garage is a smart home device for your garage that pretty much runs your garage and your garage door. I admit, I was skeptical until I gave it a try.

But the idea behind it is a great one.

Through an app and Wi-Fi, the MyQ lets you open and close your garage door remotely from anywhere. It will also let you know if the door is open or closed at any time, and in my opinion gives your that added buffer of security that comes in handy when you might be out of town or at work all day.

Like I said, I was skeptical, but let me put your fears to rest. It works, and it works well.

One you find out if it the app and device is compatible with your garage door opener and you get it all installed, it is great.

This is your warning. Find out if your garage door opener is compatible by checking out this handy chart.

Per Chamberlain, the maker of the MyQ, here is what you can expect:

- MyQ sends push notifications when your garage is in use (and when it's been left open) so whether you're on vacation or out running an errand you can make sure the garage is always closed
- Installs in minutes – less than 5 simple steps before it's ready to use
- Do-it-Yourself device that works with your existing garage door opener and home WiFi
- Sleek, unobtrusive design
- Available for 129.99

It's added security for a little over $100.

Is it worth it?

If you have kids, teenage drivers, or even live on a busy street where you wouldn't want others to see in your garage- even for a minute, the MyQ Garage is a must-have device.

Turn your garage into a "smart garage" with the MyQ Garage.

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