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MyPlate moms have a better understanding of nutrition

The New Year is often a point that brings focus to our eating. One of the top resolutions is to eat healthier, and for parents this carries over to helping our children make healthier choices, too. According to a January 2 article at Food Product Design the government's MyPlate guidelines may be just the tool to help accomplish that goal. In fact, a recent study showed that moms who use the government's MyPlate guidelines have a better understanding of nutrition and are more likely to include their kids in the food preparation process.

MyPlate offers a visual aid for healthy eating.

MyPlate impact on moms' approach to nutrition

The researchers at Cornell University and Purdue University considered moms to be the "nutritional gatekeepers" and recently took a look at the impact of the MyPlate program on how moms approached nutrition of the family. They conducted a national online survey of almost 500 moms who ranged in age from 18 to 65. Survey questions gathered information about demographics, knowledge, attitudes and behavior to determine how familiar moms were with the MyPlate program. The results were published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Of the 497 moms surveyed, 46 were familiar with MyPlate, while 105 were somewhat familiar, and the remaining 349 were not familiar with it at all.

Researchers found that moms who were most likely to be familiar with MyPlate had used a different nutritional chart before MyPlate was introduced in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

MyPlate guidelines easy to follow

MyPlate guidelines are easier to understand that past food pyramids. The MyPlate dietary guidelines are clearly illustrated with a colorful icon that demonstrates healthy portions of fruit, vegetables, protein, and dairy and establishes a visual understanding of nutrition as it should look on your plate. In addition to these guidelines the MyPlate program introduced the Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series in 2013. These easy-to-follow tips are available in a printable format you can post on your refrigerator as a convenient reminder. It offers inspiration for a healthier you with changes that can be made a day at a time including tips for staying physically active.

MyPlate moms are veggie lovers

Moms who found MyPlate guidelines easy to understand also thought it to be relevant to their day-to-day lives and researchers found that the moms who adopted MyPlate were more likely to be "vegetable lovers" not just because of their nutritional quality but because they can actually improve the taste of dishes, too.

Are you a MyPlate mom?

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