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Myls Dobson: 4-year-old was burned, tortured and starved for weeks before death

The story of 4-year-old Myls Dobson is as heartbreaking as it is infuriating. The young child, found dead in a NYC Times Square apartment last month, was “beaten, burned and left to die,” prosecutors said.
Kryzie King showed no emotion in court Friday as she was charged and ordered held on $500,000 bail.

According to an NBC report on Saturday, heinous acts of abuse were heaped on Myls by his babysitter – including forcing the boy to stand outside on a balcony in nothing but his underwear during record-breaking, sub zero temps.

Kryzie King, the 27-year-old girlfriend of Myls' father Okee Wade, was arrested on charges of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment. At her arraignment Friday, prosecutors said King “watched Myls die right in front of her eyes.” Murder charges are likely forthcoming.

When police were summoned to the apartment on W. 48th St., King’s initial claim was that she was in another room when Myls fell unconscious in the bathroom. The story quickly fell through when investigates saw his emaciated and abused condition.

“She watched Myls die right in front of her eyes,” Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg said. “He slumped over in the bathroom. His eyes were unfocused ... his eyes were fluttering. She watched him completely shut down.”

The unimaginable cruelty – Myls was found beaten, with burn marks, starved and evidence also that showed he had been gagged – sent his mother into hysterics at Friday’s court date.

“I always wanted the best for my son, my baby,” wept Myls’ mother Ashley Dobson at a news conference after the arraignment.

Dobson had lost custody of Myls in 2012 because she was living in a shelter. Though she had been trying to get him back, Myls was staying with his father Okee Wade. However, Wade was arrested on a racketeering indictment and turned the boy over to his girlfriend, Kryzie King .

King became Myls legal caregiver, but instead of even nominal care, he was abused beyond belief. According to court records, Myls had not eaten from Dec. 26 to Jan. 3, and had lost 20 to 25 pounds. His right leg was burned from a hot oven rack. After he spilled King’s perfume, he was bound in a chair with his shoelaces and gagged to keep from screaming.

“Each one of these tragedies, it’s our job to try to stop,” said NYC mayor Bill de Blasio said. “And God forbid when they happen, it’s our job to learn from them and try every time to do better so we can reach more children. So this investigation will start immediately. We expect to hear back in about a week, so that’s going to help us know if we have to do any revisions in our policies so we can protect our children better.”

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