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Myles Richmond took time from his day to talk to me about tours, tats, and creepy fans.


Hey guys sorry for the delay. I have broken my arm, and it has been hard to write stories.

I've gotten another great interview with Myles Richmond. 

Your bio page says you're into MMA fighting. Is that what your going to venture into after FMX?

Ha Ha. No way! I go to an MMA gym right now and that pretty much confirmed I am not meant to be a fighter. It is really just a fun hobby of mine, and plus it gets me in shape without having to go to the gym all the time and running on the treadmill. Plus I learn something new from it!; The career section doesn't have anything since 2008. Your one of the best riders out right now. Does your page need an update, or are you just laying low to make a big run at X?

My page needs a major update. I am too lazy with my website for sure! I have done quite a bit of things this past year or two such as X-Games and Crusty tour. My main riding though is with the Redbull TNT shows which is put on by Jeff Tilton and Tommy Clowers. Those guys work hard all year long to make sure I can still have fun riding my dirt bike and making money doing it!

Tell me about the Crusty Demons Beyond The Apocalypse Tour?

Well, it is basically in Australia. Typing this right now unfortunately i just got a call and they told me the first four shows have been cancelled which is a huge bummer. So, I don't know what's going on at the moment.

No tats? The only other rider I know without ink is Potter, you plan to keep it that way?

No tats and I plan on keeping it that way. I don't know if it is more that I am scared of the pain or I have no idea what I would want on me when I get old I won't regret it. I dunno I just figure I will do the lick'em stick'em tats for now.

Last one, on ESPN'S dodging rain you pummeled a punching bag. Then you said, "It could be your head next time creepy fans that want a jersey." You get a lot of creepy fans?

Ha Ha. No not really. I am horrible in front of the camera so I think it just was the first thing that came to mind. I don't have any creepy fans, and they are all awesome! I wish I could give every fan a jersey that asked for one, but Answer Racing might not like me calling them all the time and asking for more jersey's!


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