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Myiesha Gore- Putting The P.A.W.S. In Fashion

Astute  Wisdom & Glamour Preside
Astute Wisdom & Glamour Preside
Courtesy Image: Myiesha Gore

The name P.A.W.S. is as unique and unconventional as the name itself. Pretty Awesome Wildcat Sisters is what the acronym P.A.W.S. stands for. But the P.A.W.S. Club is not just another fun girl group, but a productive and innovative springboard for a young lady’s life.
Founded by Myiesha Gore, a New Hannover High School Senior, with the vision of empowering and uplifting other high school girls. This includes within her high school, throughout Port City and beyond.
Speaking of Port City, the all talented and charismatic Myiesha Gore won the “Miss. Port City Pageants” in 2012 and 2013. Seeking to reach past the Pageant level of success and to take it up several notches, Gore created P.A.W.S.
On March 22, 2014, she will produce an all-inclusive Fashion Show for the benefit of the group This stellar event will be held in downtown Wilmington, NC. At the Community Arts Center Historic Hannah Block USO
With an enthusiastic slogan like: “Pretty Awesome Wildcat Sisters (PAWS) Club it’s definitely more than just a Girl Empowerment Club. “Needless to say we are proud that we’ve made it”, says Gore.
The group began with fifty girls and through it all, twenty-four awesome ladies remain. Each of them have grown immeasurably.
P.A.W.S. hosts a myriad of activities ranging from Guest Speakers that met or exceeded our career interests, to a variety of Field Trips and choice “Meet & Greets” with Faculty Advisors.
Myiesha is a genuine “Magnolia-the reference of a woman born and raised in Wilmington, NC”.
She is literally pretty as a Peach, Petite in stature, but big on personality, charm and wisdom.
During interview time she shared that sometimes there are not as many options of or positive paths to go down here. By creating P.A.W.S.Club and the events thereof, we can showcase another way to get up and out, and on a good note.”

She confirmed that since the P.A.W.S. Club has been inception, the young ladies involved have grown in so many ways- they really are “PRETTY. Awesome Wildcat Sisters!” They continue to respect themselves and others, uplift each other and hold tight to the bond and tradition of the female Wildcats….. And together we are New Hanover High School & County!
New Hannover High School is located in Wilmington, NC, other known as the “Port City” The “Wildcats” is the name of the school sports teams and harnesses the school’s team spirit. Which goes hand in hand with; Respect Self, Respect Others and Respect Tradition

This amazing, energetic young woman shines a light only granted by God and at the age of 18 she continues ti focus on a valuable legacy to be carried on by others.
At the March 22nd Fundraiser, Miss Kwanisha Nelson will take the P.A.W.S. Club reigns and do all things necessary to keep it moving.

NHHS is the oldest high school in service in New Hanover County, New Hanover High School was the largest secondary public school in North Carolina when it was completed in the 1920s.
NHHS School’s gym was featured in a season 4 episode of the TV series “One Tree Hill” when the “Tree Hill Ravens “played their state semifinal game vs. Verona. It was also featured in the 1987 film “Hiding Out”, and in the film “Blue Velvet.”
The Fashion show and ceremony promises to much more than mere P.A.W.S Club “Eye Candy.” The group will make a successful and memorable mark in the community and beyond at the graduation ceremony and awareness raising event. All proceeds will be going to starting a scholarship fund for these young ladies.
For more information about the March 22nd P.A.W.S. Club Fundraiser at the Community Arts Center Historic USO – Contact P.A.W.S Club Management: (910) 795-7978 or the Center: (910) 341-7860

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