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MyHeritage makes app free for St. Patrick's Day 2014

Photo Tagging on MyHeritage
Photo Tagging on MyHeritage
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St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big deal in Boston, hugely thanks to the Irish heritage in the city. It is a link of which Bostonians, both with Irish ancestors and without, are proud. This year, only on St. Patrick's Day, folks all over who suspect links to Ireland or just want to delve a little further back to the motherland can do so using the MyHeritage app for free! What better way to spend your holiday than rummaging through some Irish history?

In anticipation of March 17, 2014, MyHeritage has amassed an impressive amount of new Irish research material. These records allow users to trace family coming from Ireland into New York and family in Ireland going all the way back to 1484! The new records include:

  • 604,596 records of passengers coming to New York from Ireland from 1846 to 1851
  • 430,834 records of marriages in Ireland from 1619 to 1898
  • 70,388 records of Irish Wills dated 1484 to 1858
  • The 1851 Dublin, Ireland census
  • 51,284 records of Irish deaths from 1864 to 1870

MyHeritage has all of these records and many more. This makes it easier for multicultural families to find out where their lineages converge. The site has a family tree builder, tools to share photos and research materials. This way, come St. Patrick's Day, users will be able to gather all of their information and store it neatly in the same place.

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