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Win the Green Card Lottery 10th ed. is now available at Google Plus
Win the Green Card Lottery 10th ed. is now available at Google Plus

The tenth edition of Win the Green Card Lottery! The COMPLETE Do-It-Yourself Guide is now available at Google Plus for those planning to register for the 2013 green card lottery (aka “DV-2015”).

With dozens of tips to help applicants navigate the complicated USA immigration process, this new edition includes when to send in multiple applications, what to do if a person is out of status; how to understand the monthly State Department Visa Bulletin; choosing consular processing versus adjustment of status; how to avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls throughout the process, and much more.

Although the very existence of this year’s green card (diversity visa) lottery has been ─ and still is ─ in some doubt due to pending immigration reform legislation, recent statements by influential House Republicans cast significant doubt whether reform will pass in time to kill this year’s lottery.

But, according to the September edition of the State Department Visa Bulletin, page 8:

Dates for the DV-2015 program registration period will be widely publicized in the coming months. Those interested in entering the DV-2015 program should check the Department of State’s Visa web page for more details in September.

The Bureau of Consular Affairs could simply push the start date of the lottery, typically a 30-day period beginning in early October, to later in the year to give more time for pending legislation to pass (and eliminate the lottery). But this is looking less and less likely with each passing day, particularly since the U.S. government is still on August recess.

Although the State Department has not yet announced possible rule changes, we know citizens of Nigeria will no longer be eligible because the United States admitted more than 50,000 immigrants from Nigeria in the past 5 years. This is the numeric cut off for admission into the annual Diversity Visa Program. Nigeria follows the elimination of Bangladesh in 2011 and the re-eligibility of Guatemala last year.

Calendar year 2013 applicants will once again have the choice of entering themselves for free at the official U.S. government website, or use an ethical green card lottery service.

Why should an entrant use a lottery service provider? According to Holger Zimmerman, President of the American Dream at

For a low flat fee, we offer a wide range of services not available directly from the U.S. government. We process individual registrations; assist the applicant during the entire process from submitting an application to handling his or her possible winning entry; we process both digital and analog photos; securely save the applicant’s official confirmation number; and provide notification to winners by both telephone and email.

Whether the applicant uses a paid lottery service or enters themselves, Win the Green Card Lottery! The COMPLETE Do-It-Yourself Guide can be a useful reference for entrants and an indispensible guide for DV-2014 and DV-2015 winners. A free version with the first three chapters is available at

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