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Myers-Brigg: A Framework for your Personal Brand

How Myers-Brigg Can Help Drive Personal Brand Consistency
The Myers-Brigg Personality Test helps us better understand how we experience and interact with the world and is traditionally used for career-pathing purposes. This assessment, however, can also help you develop a personal brand that’s more “you”, so that you are more likely to maintain it overtime, both online and in-person.

Maintaining brand consistency is an important factor in driving brand awareness, as it strengthens brand recall, eliminates confusion and separates you from competitors. In addition to managing brand consistency overtime, organizations and individuals must maintain consistency both on and offline (including all social media channels and websites). If your personal brand doesn’t align with your innate behaviors, perceptions or interests, it becomes harder to curate content that aligns with your brand (it takes more thought work and will likely seem less genuine). Just to give you an example, consider writing a blog or Linkedin Influencer post on a topic that's not interested in or writing with your left hand, as a right-handed individual. Just as doing the opposite of your psychological preferences can create road blocks in your career, creating a personal brand that doesn't align with who you are can formulate creative blocks that can make your brand seem ingenuine.

By deriving a personal brand from your Myers-Brigg results, you can build a personal brand that makes it easier for you to maintain brand consistency with a brand that’s just a little more ‘you’, helping you to drive brand awareness overtime.

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