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NYC triple homicide: Suspect Miguel Mejia-Ramos arrested in Texas

Miguel Mejia-Ramos family
Miguel Mejia-Ramos family
Huffington Post

The New York City triple homicide suspect, Miguel Mejia-Ramos, 28, has been captured. The NYC triple homicide suspect was arrested by Fayette County, Texas police after being thought to have killed his wife and two daughters, according to an Inquisitr report on Tuesday.

The murder occurred on Sunday night at their Jamaica, Queens apartment. The dead are Mejia-Ramos’ wife Deisy Garcia, 21, and their two daughters Daniela Mejia, 2, and Yoselin Mejia, 1. They were discovered stabbed to death according to the report. Romao Chuc, Garcia’s brother-in-law revealed that his son – the girls’ cousin, found the dead bodies.

As Mejia-Ramos made cell phone calls to Mexico – where he is originally from – authorities were tracking. He was pulled over on Interstate 10 near Shulenburg, Texas as he was driving in a stolen vehicle.

Prior to the murders, police had investigated the home for reports of domestic violence this year. Relatives of the family asserted that Mejia-Ramos was abusive to his wife.

Garcia’s mother said that she always told her to leave him, but her daughter would say, “I can’t because I have two daughters and he’s bringing the money home.”