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My weekend learning Healing Touch for Animals


On Friday, March 19th while the snowstorm was making it’s way into Denver I was preparing for my first night of HTA (Healing Touch for Animals) classes. I spent about 4 hours in class Friday night then another 8 hours Saturday & Sunday. Carol Komitor is the founder of the HTA practice, adapting Janet Mentgen’s founding principles of Healing Touch for humans into a program that provides healing energy work for use with animals.

I found Carol to be very down-to-earth and easy to spend 8 hours with, her experiences and her guidance were both highly educational & entertaining. She explains the basic reasons HTA works and was very supportive as we all delved into the idea that we ourselves can do what she does. For those of you who maybe have never heard of HTA I will give you the shortest summary of the work: it is an energy field therapy that supports a body to self-heal. So, what that means is that as healers you do not send your energy into another, but act as a conduit for the Universal love-light energy. You direct that energy to assist an animals’ own energy field and facilitate a healing balance within that animals’ own energy system.

We opened with some exercises to help us become more aware of energy, of ours & other humans, as we teamed up with fellow classmates. Upon scanning one of my partners I was aware of some tingling ‘fuzziness’ around her head area & feet; which meant nothing to me. Until she explained with a guilty smile that she had not turned her phone off and one of her kids was trying to reach her. While trying to stay focused and grounded with the work we were doing she was also fighting the urge to worry herself over what her children might be facing out in a snowy commute home. Trying to stay out of her head and grounded would certainly explain some ‘fuzziness’ in her energy field around her head & feet!

Saturday was an exciting day for Jake the Boxer & me! Jake was welcome to the class to work as a practice subject and because we live in the country, he doesn’t go out much. He was so excited when he realized how many dogs were in the room waiting for him…and how many people. Jake may have come to us a very underweight Boxer who was very head shy and feared men…but every body is his best friend these days. Amazing what 5 years of being loved & well fed can do for a guy like Jake!

The amazing thing about having a day with dogs is their ability, for the most part, to grasp that they were there to learn as well. They are students as well as teachers and even with 15+ dogs in one room the majority of the day was spent among relaxed, calm and well-behaved dogs. There were some moments when a few dog students would give examples of their humans’ complaint of unrelenting barking going on in their household. There were a few moments when focus was lost to the desire to simply be a dog & play with some new friends. (Yes, Jake was guilty with that as he flirted with Lilly, such a sweet girl who was to our left!)

It was a really nice experience to be in a room so full of unconditional love as we learned to use simple pendulums made from hex nuts & dental floss. As with most ‘tools’ in any energetic work (spiritual work included, which for me personally this is), the intention used with them is far more important than how fancy they are. I will admit I splurged on a beautiful Lapis Lazuli pendulum with a Moonstone as ‘garnish’. It works no better or no worse than a simple hex nut, but it lends a feeling of ‘special work’ for me, which I enjoy very much! This was, for many of us, our first experience working with energy and an animal with very specific tasks in mind. Some of us definitely felt the energy flowing, while some of us had more of an ‘awareness’ that couldn’t be explained in detail. One thing was certain: animals will show you the way. Even if you are unsure if you are actually making any real difference, they will give you signs: stretching, licking, yawning.

Sunday was the last day of the course and we were at a local horse rescue to experience working with the energies of horses. This is a big day for a lot of people, people who do not have the availability to horses as I do, for even energy work with dogs can’t compare to the huge field that surrounds a horse. There were a few women in class that day that claimed they really were amazed at how strong they felt the work as they practiced the various exercises with these large, amazing creatures.

The size of a horses’ energy field is easily explained when you realize horses are prey animals. Their very survival depends upon their ability to quickly access a situation if danger is remotely present. This is why horses are so amazing in their ability to help humans grow emotionally & spiritually: they are so present & aware of what we are experiencing on levels much deeper than they are usually given credit for. It is easy to blame a misbehaving horse on bad manners or attitude, yet more often than not the root of any problem with a horse begins where the saddle ends-on our side!

Non-Horse folk were taught basic safety rules for working with horses and we changed groups & horses often. At one point, we formed a group chain to focus all our energy on one sweet Mare who had been through colic surgery a few months ago & is having a hard time gaining back her healthy weight. She started out relaxed and it was clear she continued to relax into our work as her head gradually lowered more & more. It was an exciting day for a lot of those in the class.

For me, it was a little…well…disappointing would be the wrong word. I simply did not ‘feel’ as much as I had when I was working with people on the first night or with the dogs the day before. I was a little surprised, but I also realized that part of that could have been that I had split focus whenever I was handling a horse, trying to pay attention to what was being done & said by Carol while dealing with a restless horse that did not want to stand still. But, it was a full day and a great experience for me to, especially with Snoopy. He was an older guy who recently had found his forever home and looked more like a fuzzy buffalo than a horse!

Towards the end of the workshop we all practiced a method called the Etheric Heartbeat with one of the horses & I was holding Snoopy at this point. He reminded me a lot of my old gelding Eli, not in looks, but in his presence: that of calm acceptance of whatever came his way. As I connected with him, I realized I was feeling some sense of tension in my own shoulders-which I attributed to the sense of sadness that I just hadn’t “felt” more that day. I took a moment to take a very deep breath & release, letting out a long, slow, measured breath. At the very moment I let my tension go, Snoopy let out a big deep sigh and leaned into me, literally!  It was almost as if he was giving me a horse-hug and reassuring me that he understood how I felt & wanted me to know how appreciated my efforts were. 

That made my day.

I believe I will personally get to experience some of those awe-inspiring stories of animals that are great teachers & healers themselves; animals that help you along your way. I believe someday I will have amazing stories of my own experiences with animals after I begin to gain confidence & really grow into the skills of a healer. If I need to offer myself some time to allow the work to be done without always ‘feeling’ it, then I will do so knowing that the animals will offer their help & support, like Snoopy: giving me little signs that say “Keep going, you are making a difference!”

I encourage anyone interested in this type of work to check out Carol’s website & follow her schedule for upcoming workshops in our area. Granted, they are not cheap & had it not been for the timing of receiving our tax refunds when we did, I would not have been able to attend. I’m glad I did, even if it could be awhile before I can afford to return for the Level 2 workshop! I have plenty to work with for now and look forward to really becoming familiar with these techniques I’ve learned in Level 1. 


  • mom 5 years ago

    You can practice on redd anytime you want....I think he felt better after your treatment

  • cousin Diana 5 years ago

    practice makes perfect come for a visit I have a big guy that has so many hang ups he makes your head spin he cribs and acts like he has no clue as to what is up in this world he is a love but --well he walks to a different drummer for sure...loved your read and the fact that you are going in the directions of your heart ...

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